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How HC Verma is the Best Book for IIT JEE Preparation

By Rohit BhattacharyaFebruary 06, 2020
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Concepts of JEE Physics by H C Verma

Concepts of Physics by H C Verma is a detailed book for higher students thinking to prepare for school as well as higher level examination such IIT JEE. Particularly, those getting ready for JEE, can avail a great piece of knowledge from this book. The book productively obliges the necessities of students with its various tackled and unsolved numerical issues. The book has been around for approximately two decades and still remains the best of all and the most preferred by students and subject experts. Concepts of Physics’ by H.C. Verma is one of the most preferred books for IIT JEE physics preparation. The reasons why it is one of the Best Books for IIT JEE Preparation can be easily understood by the points mentioned in the next section. The accompanying reasons can further elaborate with respect to why H C Verma is the most perused and prescribed book with regards to JEE preparation:


True to its name, the book clarifies every concept clearly starting with its center and afterward steadily climbing to formulae and conditions with the assistance of occurrences from a genuine world. The consistency and effortlessness in language leave no extension for perplexity by any stretch of the imagination. The subjects are clarified step by step going from a fundamental dimension to advanced concepts. The book is very clear with all the basic and advanced concepts of physics. The language is simple and easy to understand which enables you to comprehend even the toughest topics with ease. Also, the topics are explained clearly with examples, to make understanding easier.

Explanation with Examples

The author has incorporated some uncommon precedents in the content that clarifies the ideas uniquely. Illuminated models are extraordinarily useful in understanding any concept and the equivalent can be extrapolated to solve comparative numericals. IIT JEE experts and toppers suggest the book, particularly for its numerical part. The theories in this book are easy to grasp and explained clearly.


Another feature of the book which makes it stand out is its splendid MCQs. The book contains great MCQs and attempting them successfully would help you immensely in cracking the pattern of JEE questions. The questions are also well-arranged from basic to high-level. Effectively endeavoring these will check your key information before you begin taking care of the numerical issues. MCQs on Rotational Dynamics and Friction are sufficient to reveal to you the value of this book. H C Verma is a standout amongst the most endorsed course readings for JEE hopefuls. The inquiries are deliberately very much organized. The dimension of durability is gradually expanded. This makes taking care of the issues intriguing. It is a side interest for some individuals to tackle issues in this book. The principal reason is one truly appreciates understanding this book. Questions are structured in an extremely inventive way. All certifiable models are cited in delineating ideas which are the manner in which we have to learn Physics. It brings me into the universe of material science and managing issues.


The questions are organized in an expanding request of trouble that keeps up the intrigue level while comprehending them. The questions provided in HC Verma draws every student’s attention as they are highly useful when it comes to preparing for IIT JEE Main and Advanced. The short answer questions are similarly critical. The target questions and activities address every single idea. The explanations are made in such an interesting way they really trigger your reasoning procedure and make you thoroughly consider the crate. Being a book, which is known for its unique way of explaining concepts with examples, this book is highly recommended for numerical examples.


The easy and hard concepts are clarified in a very interactive way in H C Verma books. The hypothesis is short and fresh making it unmistakable to comprehend in the first place. MCQs are ideal. keeps ideas basic. issues expressed are in a state of harmony with IIT JEE issues. furthermore, the ideas are instructed in laymen terms. It’s a decent book for an apprentice.

Also, HC Verma Book is immensely useful in learning the ideas before you set your hands on mock test for IIT JEE preparation (which, by the way, is highly advised by experts). The answers for the numerical in the book are additionally accessible by an indistinguishable writer from a different book. However, it is better to at first attempt them all alone in every case. You can find the HC Verma Solutions PDF download on Vedantu easily which is explained in the later parts of this article.

HC Verma has two parts – HC Verma Vol 1 and Vol 2. You can discover all concepts as H C Verma Physics books for class 11 and 12 as these books cover all of them in a commendable way. One can say that it is the next book which you refer after NCERT or along with it also. H C Verma Physics Book Class 11 and 12 are the most famous JEE book and pretty much every JEE aspirant alludes to it. It is prominently concurred as the end all be all. You will pass up a ton on the off chance that you pass up this one. There is not really any individual who clears JEE and doesn't credit an incredible piece of his/her preparation to this book. The target type questions are extraordinary for idea building. Teachers utilize the H C Verma books for giving assignments and questions in class.

While Vol 1 of this book contains some easy chapters like Introduction to Physics, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Gravitation, the speed of Light and much more. The HC Verma Vol 2 entails some tough chapters like Laws of Thermodynamics, Electric Current in conductors, Magnetic properties of matter and many more. At times, you may feel the urge to refer detailed HC Verma solutions Part 1 and Part 2. Vedantu provides all the HC Verma solutions for FREE to download in a PDF format. So, you just need to download the HC Verma Solutions Part 1 and HC Verma Solutions part 2 and you are ready to go.