How CBSE is Different from NCERT?

by Asmita Kundu, May 21, 2020

If you are a CBSE aspirant one question may come to your mind whether the CBSE and NCERT are the same or different? The answer is they are completely two different organizations. NCERT stands for National Council of Education Research and Training and CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary/School Examinations/Education. The following discussion tries to elucidate the difference between these two academic bodies.  

How are They Different?

The basic difference between CBSE and NCERT is that the former is the governing body whereas the latter is the publishing body or publisher. You can see that maximum CBSE schools in India follow the NCERT textbooks. Now, what is the significance of NCERT? It is the educational resource organization established by the Government of India to support and advise the Central and State Government on academic matters related to school education. 

What is the significance of CBSE then? It is the national-level board of examinations for public and private schools in India. It conducts the final examinations or Boards after Class 10 and Class 12 every year. It directs every school affiliated to it to follow the NCERT syllabus

How NCERT Is Related to CBSE?

In spite of several differences, NCERT and CBSE are complementary to each other. Almost 90% of books recommended by the central board are NCERT compiled. The questions asked in Class 10 and 12 final exams are taken almost directly from the NCERT books. Not only the board exams but also the exams conducted in the other classes are dependent on NCERT books. How? In the Class 12 board exam conducted by the CBSE, the question in Inorganic Chemistry come directly from the NCERT books. This is true for the equations of Organic Chemistry also. The numerical problems of Physics and Mathematics too can easily be solved with the help of the NCERT books, NCERT Solutions and NCERT exemplar.

Is it Mandatory to Recommend NCERT Books for CBSE Board Schools?

If you ask whether it is mandatory to recommend NCERT books in all the CBSE schools then the answer is ‘no.’ Sometimes it is not recommended by the schools as well. But in most of the schools, it is recommended to keep the NCERT books, at least, as some reference books. If you are a student of this central board you have to go through the NCERT books at least once in your lifetime. 

From the above discussion, you might have got an idea about CBSE and NCERT. We are sure you have understood the basic difference between the two. NCERT and CBSE are not obviously the same but are complementary to each other. Despite their basic difference they are very closely related. If you are a CBSE board student you have to consider the NCERT books as Bible. They will not only help you in the board exam but also guide you in various other competitive examinations after Class 12. You may choose other boards instead of CBSE board but you cannot ignore the highly recommended NCERT books.  

How CBSE is Different from NCERT?