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The Hobby of Collecting Stamps: What Should You Know?

By Shreya PatroSeptember 11, 2022
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Learn About Stamp Collecting Tools and Much More

The hobby of collecting stamps is definitely a very fulfilling one, and to be honest, there aren’t many rules in it as well. However, there are some things that you need to take care of in order to boost your hobby of collecting stamps in the first place. For most collectors of stamps, it is one of the best ways to explore the entire world, countries, their history, cultures, and so much more. 

Also, one of the best things is that, unlike other hobbies, you wouldn’t have to buy expensive equipment. Just get some simple accessories for stamp collecting, and you are all set. 

A Girl Adding A Stamp to Her Collection

A Girl Adding A Stamp to Her Collection

Before you get started, you need to choose an area or topic of interest with which you’d like to start. Once that is done, just invest in some basic equipment But before that, let us know what exactly stamp collecting entails and why you should do it. 

What is Stamp Collecting, and Why Should You Collect Stamps? 

Stamp collecting can be considered a popular hobby where people collect stamps of different countries, politics, geographies, and more. It is a way to learn about diverse topics, cultures, countries, politics, history, and so on. People who collect stamps are will definitely agree with the fact that it is a fulfilling hobby that allows them to learn a lot of things. Not to mention that there are so many options for old stamps that you can choose from. 

Some people also find the hobby to be extremely therapeutic as well and some even join clubs and societies related to the collection and study of stamps. This is an activity that even children will find interesting. In this age of technology, children can see stamp collections as a way to reconnect with the past and learn more about it. 

Basic Equipment You Need to Add Stamps to Your Stamp Collection Book 

Just like any other collecting hobby, the equipment required for the collection of stamps depends on the specialization level you want for your collection. Obviously, you need to have some stamps in the first place to get started. However, you need some other basic equipment options as well.

  • Tweezers of Stamp Tongs

This is one of the most important things that you need since holding the stamps by your finger can actually cause deterioration to the stamps. There are natural oils in the skin which can damage the stamp. So, you can choose some good spade-edged tweezers to hold the stamps. 

  • Magnifying Glass

Another absolutely important piece of equipment required for the hobby of collecting postage stamps or any other kind of stamps would be a magnifying glass. You might have to look closely at some stamps to identify the features and the details in them. However, we recommend that you don’t pick a magnifying glass with a magnification of more than x10. 

  • Perforation Gauge 

The perforation gauge can be very helpful when it comes to measuring the accurate number of perforations that are present in a defined space. This can help in identifying the difference between two identical-looking stamps. 

  • Watermark Detector Fluid 

Sometimes, you might have some stamps which have some sort of watermark. In order to view the watermark, you don’t have to buy an expensive device. Just having the watermark fluid will definitely be a lot of help. Using the fluid and a watermark tray will make any watermarks on the letter stamps or any other stamp visible.

  • Stamp Albums 

Once you have started collecting your stamps, there is no doubt that you will have to get a proper album where you can store the old ones. Using a ring binder or a loose-leaf book shall be enough for that. These options are pretty affordable and will ensure that your collection is properly preserved. 

  • Colour Guide 

This is another very useful tool that you can use in order to tell the proper difference between the stamps that look entirely similar. The colour guide can help in identifying the difference in the shade of colour for the stamps. Sometimes, the colour shade can actually have an impact on the worth of the stamp as well.

  • Hinges 

These are basically the gummed strips which can be used for fixing the stamps to any page of your album. This strip will help in neatly arranging the stamps in your album. 

  • A Map or Atlas 

If you are interested in collecting stamps of the world or any particular country, you will have to know where the stamps are from. The map or atlas can actually help a lot in this. However, this is not necessarily an important equipment since you can also use the internet. 

  • Stamp Identification Book 

There are several stamp catalogues and reference books that can help you properly identify every single stamp and properly tell you all the details about the background. You can find details such as the printing date and the date of issuing from these details. 

How to Get Started on Collecting Stamps?

The best way to collect stamps if you are a beginner is to acquire the stamps from cards as well as envelopes. You can also buy some ‘kiloware’ stamps that are not sorted. Then you will have to sort these stamps according to the countries of their origin. This process can be a bit time-consuming but is tremendously exciting and interesting for some people. Make sure that you properly remove the stamps from the envelopes and cards. Use the tongs to safely remove the stamps without damaging them. The next step is to sort the stamps. 

After properly sorting the stamps, you must soak them in lukewarm water for a certain period. This is to ensure that the entire stamp can be removed from the piece of paper. Once that is done, you can dry the stamps and sort them based on how you want to arrange them. Make sure that you separately and neatly arrange the stamps and the pages using plastic sheets so they don’t stick to one another. 


Now that you know what to do to collect the stamps go ahead and indulge in this amazing hobby. Buy the equipment, get your album, sort the stamps and start collecting. You can also choose a stamp collection name for your album.