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Forbidden Places on Earth: Where Not to Go Ever?

By Satabdi MazumdarSeptember 13, 2022
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Beautiful but Forbidden Places on Earth where You Aren’t Allowed to Go

Can you believe that there are certain places still on the planet where you simply aren’t allowed to go? Even if you are allowed, you should steer clear of these locations for sure. Most people would think of it as a joke because due to the presence of advanced technology, better transport, and globalization, people can travel to any location in the world. After all, we have been making plans for colonisation on Mars, right? So, how hard would it be to explore every single part of the planet? Well, turns out that it would be extremely difficult considering that there are some forbidden places on earth

A Group of Snakes Coiling Around in Other

Yes, there are certain locations on Earth where people aren’t allowed. These places are completely off-limits and some might even get you behind bars if you try and visit the places. While most of the locations are home to some military bases and protected areas, there are others that have been forbidden to the general public. So, on that note, let us have a look at some of these locations where we cannot go.

Snake Island in Brazil 

Perhaps one of the most beautiful but dangerous places in the world would be the Snake Island in Brazil. This island is located off Brazil’s shore and enjoys tropical weather as well as rainforests. There is clear water surrounding the islands and the overall atmosphere is quite inviting for sure. However, no human should ever dare to enter the location.

The island is known as Ilha da Queimada Grande and to us, it is Snake Island. There is even a legend that a fisherman who had accidentally strayed into this island could make it back alive. The reason? He was bitten by one of the deadliest vipers in the world, the Golden Lancehead. 

But that is not the only snake species living on this forbidden island, people. Yes, the main reason why the Ilha da Queimada Grande is forbidden is due to the fact that there are thousands and thousands of venomous and poisonous slithering snakes living here. Over the years, the population of snakes has grown to a point that the entire island is infested with it. 

North Brother Island in the United States

We know the United States of America as the land of opportunity and promise where everyone from different corners of the world is welcome. However, there is one place in the United States which is considered to be one of the most dangerous places in the world. The North Brother Island as well as its smaller version called the South Brother Island is known as the Hell Gate. 

It was in this area where a whirlpool was once seen and it consumed hundreds of ships. However, that is not the only reason why it is forbidden. You see, North Brother Island was once home to the very famous Riverside Hospital. 

During those days, the hospital served the purpose of being a quarantine location for different New Yorkers who have TB, Smallpox and other deadly illnesses. An infamous patient named Mary Mallon or ‘Typhoid Mary’ was believed to infect and kill about 53 people due to typhoid fever. She was a patient in the hospital for about 30 years. 

While the hospital is gone now, the ruins of the hospital remain. The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation actually converted the whole area into an abandoned bird sanctuary and shut down the place for common folks. 

Doomsday Vault in Norway

Situated in the deep icy mountains right above the Arctic Circle, between the North Pole and Norway, there lies a very important resource that is essential for humankind in the future. No, it is not crude oil or coal, but seeds. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault or more commonly known as the Doomsday Vault is basically a huge bank of seeds that contains about 930,000 different types of food crops. The general term of it would be like a safety deposit box for trees in order to safeguard the agricultural biodiversity of the earth. This is to make sure that any apocalypse or crisis in the world isn’t able to hamper the life of trees in the world.

Every single corner of the world sends huge boxes of seeds to the Doomsday Vault for proper storage and that too for the long-term. Now, why is it forbidden for common people? Well, it isn’t exactly one of the forbidden places since there are some specific days when the vault is opened. However, it is only for some special guests and that too for a limited period of time and with multiple restrictions. 

Niihau Island in the USA 

Imagine that there is a place on earth that you cannot visit even if you have a visiting ticket. Yes, Niihau Island in the United States of America is like that. It is one of the unexplored places on Earth that one can only visit if they have been invited by the inhabitants. This mysterious Hawaiian Island that stretches over a total of 28 kilometres is home to about 200 odd people. The island is basically the property of one Elizabeth Sinclair and her descendants, the Robinson Brothers, who continue to be the owners.

Since the time of Sinclair, there is nothing much changed on the island and hence there aren’t any paved roads here. Not just that but there are no commercial buildings, transport systems, or any modern-day signs of luxury and comfort. So, how can one gain entry into this location? Well, although it is forbidden for most common people, if you are a part of the US Navy or are good friends with the Robinson brothers, Keith and Bruce, there is a chance you might get an invite. 


There are many such forbidden and secret places on Earth impossible to visit locations that aren’t open to any common people. So, instead of thinking of a plan to wander into such locations, you might just want to stick to the places that you know will welcome you with open arms.