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Food Replacement Pills - Science Fiction or Near Possibility

By Puja RoySeptember 05, 2022
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The Concept of Food Pills and Its Possible Functions


Food pills have always been the part and parcel of a science fiction story. Whether a team is departing to a distant star or going on a space adventure, eating pills replacing food has to be a part of the story. It has been a fascinating story that intrigues curious minds too. Will it ever become a reality?

Food replacement pills are a common topic that researchers have been working on for decades. It can be a miraculous invention that can literally change the way our world eats. It can redefine diet and will be able to deliver what a person actually needs to maintain proper health.

What are Food Pills?

Pills are common names given to medicines. They can be capsules, tablets, and other forms of medications given to a patient. Food pills, on the other hand, are dosage forms that deliver the basic requirements of a person’s daily diet. It means that food will become a dosage form and can be consumed in a calculated way.

A food tablet is thus a calculated formula designed in the form of a tablet. Depending on the formula, it can also be a capsule. The capsule or tablet will deliver a particular amount of food an individual needs on a daily basis. It can be consumed multiple times a day considering the number of nutrients required.

How Does a Food Pill Work?

Now that we know what food pills are, we can easily understand how it works. Imagine you are eating a bowl full of broccoli as directed by your medical practitioner. It is green and is packed with antioxidants, fibre, and other natural ingredients. You do not like to eat broccoli ever because of its taste. What if you can pop a pill of broccoli every day?

It might sound a little unnatural but it can be a great way to enjoy the goodness of excellent food sources. It is not a supplement of antioxidants, fibre, or anything present in the broccoli but it is broccoli itself.

The advanced form of a food capsule is that it can kill your hunger and provide you with the resources your body needs for survival. It can deliver the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat you need to gain energy and build your tissues. It will also deliver vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients to keep your physiological functions on the right track.

It has been a topic of discussion and research in the science world. Popping a few pills will make your day. You will not feel hungry and will get everything you need. There is no need to gather, cook food, eat, and wash dishes after anymore.

How Can We Develop Food Pills To Revolutionise Diet?

Food Pills Can Deliver Dietary Needs

Benefits of Developing Food Pills

1. Dietary Balance

As mentioned earlier, food pills can be the best replacement one can get for food. You will be able to eat what you need and avoid jargon. For instance, all the ingredients in a salad might not be healthy but you have to see the bigger picture and eat it whole. A food pill may replace the salad and deliver every nutrient you need excluding the unnecessary ones.

Hence, the development of food pills will lead to a better diet. A balance can be maintained regarding what a person eats. We will not have to rely on unhealthy food sources anymore and will be able to manage our dietary requirements very easily.

2. Specific Requirements on Different Occasions

The astronauts going into space need different kinds of food arrangements. They cannot stock food as we do at home. The rocket carrying its space capsule will not take off! Jokes apart! A different kind of arrangement is made where dried and gelled food is prepared.

They consume pasted, dried, or gelled food packed with nutrients. It is not a nutrition tablet but we are close enough. The altered form of food that enables astronauts to survive in space for months is a step closer to the food pills. Similar uses can also be found among soldiers trapped in warzones. Sportsmen and athletes will also get excellent help from such dietary innovations.

3. Solving Food-Related Complications

The use of food replacement in terms of capsules, pills, and tablets can solve food-related issues. People who cannot enjoy certain food items will be able to eat them. One can also lose weight when he consumes a calculated amount of calories every day using food tablets.

Why Do Food Pills Not Exist?

You will not find a hungry tablet name that can deliver food necessities. All you will find are supplements in the market with different brand names. It can be considered to be a primary step in the development of food pills. We do not have that technology to accommodate food values in the form of capsules, tablets, and pills.

Food pills will solve many problems for sure but designing and manufacturing one is currently not possible with the contemporary technology we have. It is still a topic of science fiction we can wait for to arrive in the future.

Food Capsules: A Fictional Thought

From the above discussion, we can clearly suggest that science is on the verge of finding capsules that can solve the food crisis. It can also deliver a method to control the way we consume calories. A day will come when we can easily map our biological needs and will consume as many calories as needed.

The future might look simpler in science fiction but it will take immense knowledge and technological development to invent food capsules. We have supplements and some prototype designs that are not approved by the medical boards to market. Hence, food pills are a near possibility.