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Finger Breath - A Fun Way of Releasing Stress

By Swagata SarkarAugust 03, 2022
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Different Techniques of Doing Finger Breathing for Kids and its Importance

Stress is painful without feeling any physical pain. When someone is stressed out or feeling burdened about something, it increases their heart rate, resulting in breathing problems. In simple words, blood comes out of the head and reaches the limbs to challenge the threat when someone feels any stress. When these stress hormones flood the entire body, it becomes very hard to slow down and think rationally.

While adults may understand the changes in their behaviour, children, on the other hand, fail to do so and start feeling overwhelmed. At this time, exercises can help people to calm down and get their control back again.

So, we advise you to do a finger breath. It is a very good breathing exercise for kids. In this article, we have provided a finger-breathing step-by-step guide to help kids deal with any stress or negative feeling. Adults can follow these techniques too.

Breathing Exercises for Kids

Finger Breath

Finger Breath

To get the kids back from the ‘flight and fight’ mode to the ‘rest and digest mode', kids need to learn some deep breathing exercises. Here, we have mentioned some breathing exercises for kids that can help them to release stress and be proactive:

  • By using stuffed animals, kids can do deep breathing exercises very effectively. Just put any stuffed animal on their belly and ask them to breathe in to move the stuffed animal up and breathe out to move the stuffed animal down. This is one of the deep breathing exercises fruitful in breathing through the belly.

  • Take a breath by using a coloured feather. It is a very simple breathing exercise for kids. Just take a feather of the kids’ favourite colour and ask them to hold it and count to three while breathing in. Then they need to breathe in a while, going up on one side and breathing out on the other side of the feather.

  •  Since breathing deeply is always the most reliable way to get rid of stress, playing with bubbles can be a very good and funny way to do a breathing exercise. Ask kids to take a breath when they blow up the bubble. This process helps them to do the breathing exercise without giving the feeling that they are involved with doing any exercise.

  • Kids can also do finger breath to help themselves release stress or negative feelings. It is a very useful way of releasing stress. We have also discussed doing hand stretch breathing to get rid of stress.

What is Five Finger Breathing?

Five-finger breathing is a special technique that helps children learn how to use their fingers and take deep breaths five times. Kids need to use some physical objects for any other deep breathing exercise, but five-finger breathing is an exercise that helps kids do it anytime they want. It is easy to do and helps a lot to release stress.

How to Do Five Finger Breathing Exercises?

Finger Breath for Kids

Finger Breath for Kids

In this finger breathing step-by-step guide, we have mentioned some simple steps to do the hand stretch breathing. Read along to understand how it is done:

  • For the hands in and out breathing, at first, the kids need to stretch one of their hands like a star.

  • Now, place the pointer finger on the bottom of your thumb and trace an outline around the fingers.

  • To start the hands in and out-breathing, the kids need to place the pointer finger at the bottom of the thumb and slide it up while breathing in. After pausing, slide down the pointer finger from the thumb and go to the next one. Slide the pointer finger to the next finger and slide it down from the other side.

  • Remember, the kids must breathe in a while, taking the pointer finger up and breathing out while taking the pointer finger down. Repeat this process for the rest of the fingers.

  • This free-hand exercise gives kids a sensation that helps ease the muscle. It also helps them to feel calm immediately. After doing this exercise once, kids can do the reverse and repeat the finger breathing exercise.

Importance of Doing Finger Breathing

There is much importance of breathing exercises. Just like any relaxing breathing exercise, finger breathing is equally important. Apart from releasing stress, finger breathing helps kids to learn a lot of things:

  •  If the kids are small, but it is a perfect time for them to learn how to count, finger breathing is a perfect exercise to start teaching them how to count. While tracing the fingers, kids learn how to count from 1 to 5.

  • It helps them to identify different colours.

  • As finger breathing mainly focuses on mindfulness, it creates a connection between the mind and body, which helps the nerves slow down and relieve stress.

  • This exercise promotes motor skills too. Kids can achieve hand skills by sliding up and down the pointer finger. These are the importance of breathing exercises which can inspire finger breathing.


It is very easy to stress out, and if someone is stressed for a short period, it cannot be damaging. But if stress stays for too long, it can harm people. The reason for stress can vary for people, and undoubtedly, in today’s world, where people work more than spend time with family, it is easier to get stressed because of all the burdened feelings inside. While adults can get stressed about their work, family or emotional issues, for kids, it can be different. Kids can get stressed because of their studies.

If they have to deal with very tough parents, it can also be a reason for them to stress out. There are many physical exercises like stretching, push-ups etc., for adults. But for kids, the exercises are very simple and easy to do. For example, finger breathing is one of the simplest exercises to release stress. It does not need any props.

That is why it is the best exercise for kids. Kids can do cycling and running too to get rid of their stress.