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First Aid Kit at Home: How to Make It

By Shiwani PandeySeptember 12, 2022
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How to Make a Homemade First Aid Box


Emergencies can happen anywhere anytime. It can happen when you are at school or while doing a project at home. This is why it is mandatory to be prepared with primary precautions. The best way to tackle a non-lethal medical emergency is by preparing a first aid kit at home.

We will discuss what a homemade first aid box should have in it and find out the specific use of the items added to the list. This kit can be personalised based on the daily chores and occupational activities your family members do at home.

What Do You Mean by First Aid?

As the name suggests, it is the first care given to a person suffering from a non-lethal medical emergency at home. By using particular medical items available at home or at school, primary medical care is provided to a patient suffering from injuries, headache, fever, etc until proper medical support arrives. A basic first aid kit is designed following the common emergencies that happen at home.

What is a Homemade First Aid Kit?

First, we need to know what a first aid box for home is. It is a kit that contains the medical items we need to offer primary medical care during a non-lethal emergency. For instance, if a person has cut his finger while using a knife, we can stop the bleeding using surgical cotton and a bandage. After such an application, we can then proceed to a medical emergency facility to get him checked by a doctor.

First Aid Kit Box

First Aid Kit Box

Hence, a box containing a set of medical care items that can relieve us temporarily or permanently from medical distress during an emergency can be called a homemade first aid box. The items in it are chosen based on the common medical emergencies that occur at home while doing daily chores.

How to Make a First Aid Box?

Here is a list of steps we can follow to make a first aid kit at home.

Step 1: Find a proper container

The first step is to find a proper container where you can store the first aid items properly and safely. The container should be strong, water-resistant and airtight in order to offer a proper place to store medical items for emergencies. Make sure the container is easy to access during an emergency.

Step 2: First aid kit checklist

Find out the items you need to keep in a first aid box at home. You will find a recommended list given by the top national and international medical bodies. Here is what you can add roughly to complete your first aid box.

  • Small bandages

  • Cotton balls

  • Adhesive tapes

  • Hand sanitiser

  • Disinfectant

  • Swabs

  • Cold compress kit

  • Cleansing wipes

  • Medical masks

  • Zip-closed plastic bags for disposal

  • Ointments for cuts, burns, and injuries

  • Medicines for common illnesses such as fever, headache, cough, cold, etc

  • Medical tools such as a thermometer, gloves, tweezers, sharp scissors, safety pins, etc

The list of items can vary based on the particular needs of a family. These are the common things in the first aid box you can keep at home for acute injuries and primary medical care.

Step 3: A different compartment for medicines

Experts suggest making a different compartment for medicines within the first aid box. It enables a person to locate particular medicines at once and start giving medical care during an emergency.

Medicines can be added according to the requirements of family members. It becomes easier for the family members to find out medicines based on the compartmentalization done. Prescription medicines can also be added to a first aid kit and can be carried when you are outdoors.

These are the steps for the preparation of a first aid kit used at home. You can also make a mini version of the first aid kit for travelling just to be safe outside.

Things to Consider for Making First Aid Kit

  • The addition of first aid box items should be done based on the health conditions and common emergencies that happen at home. Your assessment will make the best list for a first aid box.

  • Make sure the kit is easy to maintain. Checking the expiry dates of medicines is mandatory before applying them.

  • The box or container should resist weather conditions. Its storage and retrieval should be easier.

  • Medicines are of two types, prescription and non-prescription. Make sure the prescription medicines are available to ensure proper care for your family members.

  • For better identification, find smaller compartments to tag them with first aid box items names with images.

Importance of a Homemade First Aid Kit

  • The design and purpose of a first aid kit have the sole aim of offering medical care during an emergency. It helps us to save time and to offer primary care before proper medical support arrives

  • The availability of a medical kit at home to offer first aid is to avoid the escalation of an emergency. It will not solve serious medical conditions but can give the benefit of time by reducing the rate of escalation of an emergency situation.

  • The first aid items in the kit will definitely promote recovery when properly used.

  • They will also offer better protection than not using any medical items for common emergencies.

First Aid Kit is a Must

You have now learned how to prepare a first aid kit at home and use it for emergencies. Follow the points to find out what you can add. The more you think and analyse emergency situations, the better you can make a list of medical items to store. Make sure you don’t over-pack your first aid box with unnecessary items. Prepare an instruction booklet for elders and young family members to use this kit at home.