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Fun Finger Puppets Drawing Activities for Your Child

By Puja RoyAugust 02, 2022
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Why Should Your Child Learn Finger Puppets Craft?

There are many ways your kids can have fun at home. During the COVID-19 pandemic, kids needed to learn to stay at home and also be occupied at the same time. They may have run out of things to do and felt bored. Now, every child can have a good time at home. Just teach them some DIY activities and see them evolve by playing.

If you want your kids to be creative, finger puppets craft is the best way. You can spend some time with your kids and show them how to make finger puppets. It helps to grow the bond between you and your child, and it helps them improve their creativity. So, have fun with finger puppets, a DIY activity for your child.

What are Finger Puppets?

So, what are finger puppets? Finger puppets, also the famous glove puppets, are the kind of puppets that we can wear on our fingers. These puppets are usually made from clothes or paper. Children enjoy these puppets very much. Besides being used for playing, these puppets also develop eye-hand coordination. Parents use DIY finger puppets to improve their kids’ motor skills most of the time. However, many stores sell this product as cleaning utensils too.

How to Make Finger Puppets?

Finger puppets DIY

Finger Puppets DIY

Required Materials

  • Crayons

  • Print of ready-to-cut finger puppets.

  • Glue

  • A pair of scissors

Method of Making Finger Puppets

  • Get some printable finger puppets.

  • Now, fill them with colours.

  • Cut them into pieces.

  • Stick the two ends together with glue.

  • Once the glue is dry, put them on the finger. That is it. Your DIY finger puppets are ready.

Some More Finger Puppets Craft

If you have creative ideas, then you can invent new finger puppet crafts every day. Here we have provided some finger puppets craft ideas. 

Minion Finger Puppet

Required Material

  • Black electric tape

  • Hot glue gun

  • A pair of scissors

  • Yellow rubber cleaning gloves

  • Googly eyes

  • Black sharpie marker

Steps to Make a Minion Finger Puppet

  • Firstly, place one of the gloves on your hand to get an idea of where you need to put it.

  • Apply some pieces of electrical tape across your fingers.

  • Then attach the googly eyes to each finger.

  • Cut the tips of the finger after leaving enough space to draw on the mouths.

  • Now take your black marker and draw the mouths.

  • At last, place the tips on your finger and your minion finger puppet is ready.

Parrot Puppet Craft

Required Materials

  • Craft felt of different colours like red, white, green, yellow, blue, orange, and black.

  • Hot glue

  • A pair of scissors

  • Glue gun

How to Make a Parrot Puppet?

  • Cut out two pieces of red felt for this parrot finger puppets craft.

  • Create a rectangle that can roll into a circle.

  • Now, cut two large white circles and small black circles.

  • Create the beak of the parrot by cutting the curved triangle.

  • Cut various felt of different colours.

  • Now, cut the felt and give it the shape of a heart.

  • Apply glue to attach the pieces.

  • Move to the perimeter of the body and attach them to the identical body piece with glue.

  • Now dry the pieces and use them.

Hand Puppets

There are different ways to know how to make hand puppets:

Required Materials

  • Colourful sock

  • Glue

  • Googly eyes

  • String

How to Make Hand Puppets with Socks?

  • To know how to make hand puppets, get yourself a clean sock.

  • Now, slip the sock on your hand and try to finger out where the face of the puppet is.

  • Use googly eyes to make the eyes.

  • Now attach the eyes with your sock by using glue.

  • Take cardboard paper and cut it into a circle.

  • Then fold it and put it into the space of your sock to make the mouth.

  • Use anything, felt, string, etc and attach it to the sock to make the hair. If you want you can use other things like a nose or horn two make it more decorative.

Hand Puppet with Felt

Fun Finger Puppets

Fun Finger Puppets

Required Materials

  • Glue

  • Felt

  • A pair of scissors

  • Googly eyes

How to Make Hand Puppets with Felt?

  • Buy felt from the market.

  • Now you need to make your template on both sides of the fabric. You can purchase it from the market or download it.

  • Put one piece of fabric on top of another.

  • Cut the template from both fabrics.

  • Now, stitch the two pieces of fabric.

  • Take Googly eyes and attach them to your stitched fabric.

  • You can also attach cut out papers to make the shape of a mouth and attach it to the fabric to make the face of anything.

Animal Puppet with Cardstock

Required Materials

  • Black, white, and orange black cardstock

  • A pair of scissors

  • 1-inch circle punch

  • ¾ inch circle punch

  • Glue.

  • 2 ½-inch circle punch

  • Googly eyes

How to Make an Animal Puppet Using Cardstock?

  • To know how to make animal puppets, firstly, cut out the cardstock into pieces.

  • Now, use the glue to attach the cardstock pieces.

  • You can use cardstock to make the eyes of the animal. Else, you can use googly eyes too.

  • If you use the paper cut eyes, cut the paper into two small pieces and draw the eyes. That is it. These are the simple steps on how to make animal puppets using cardstock.

Animal Puppets for Kids with Paper

Just like using cardstock, you can also use paper to make animal puppets. Here is a step by step guide on how to make animal puppets for kids with paper:

Required Materials

  • Colourful papers

  • Glue

  • A  pair of scissors

  • Googly eyes (optional)

  • Sketch pen

How to Make Animal Puppets for Kids with Paper?

  • Buy papers of different colours from the store.

  • Now, draw a picture of an animal that you want to create.

  • Cut out different pieces of the colourful pictures to use them as eyes, mouth, tongue, etc. You can also buy googly eyes if you want.

  • If you make the eyes out of paper then draw the eyes using a black sketch pen.

  • Take the glue and attach them. That is it. These are the simple ways how to make animal puppets for kids with paper


Whether it is a felt puppet, cardstock puppet or paper puppet, kids love these toys. They love the process of making them. Indulging in these activities will increase their creativity and they will start enjoying their own company. If they get to do this with their parents, it strengthens the bond between them. Either way, these are very beneficial for a kid’s growth.