Find out How NCERT Physics and Chemistry Books and Solutions Help in NEET

by Anusha LAL, May 19, 2020

Ask a topper or any subject matter expert guiding NEET aspirants like you and he will tell you that it is the Physics and Chemistry marks that often play a key role in deciding ranks, not the Biology marks. This is irrespective of the fact that Biology carries the maximum weightage and marks in NEET question paper. It is often seen that students put more effort into studying Biology while neglecting other subjects, that is, chemistry and physics. As a result, even though they score high in the Biology paper, the marks of physics and chemistry drag them down, lowering their overall score. So, it is imperative for students aiming for a career in medical sciences to put equal effort into learning the concepts of Physics and Chemistry. In this article, we have discussed how studying physics and chemistry from the NCERT books and NCERT Solutions can help in NEET preparation.

How Do NCERT Physics and Chemistry Books and Solutions Help in NEET Preparation?

Here Are the Ways: 

  • By Strengthening Your Concepts

The NCERT books are written in lucid and easy language. This helps simplify the concepts and theories. Reading the NCERT books will help you understand the concepts entailed in the syllabus. Once you have learnt the concepts thoroughly you can comfortably answer most of the questions in the exams. This is because NEET question papers mostly contain concept-based questions.

  • By Elucidating Examples

NCERT books contain a lot of examples. These examples show you how to solve numerical-based questions. Practising them will help you understand how to approach a problem and also teach you tricks of solving the said problem in a short time. 

  • By Providing Diagram-Based Questions and Solutions

Diagram-based questions are often asked from the chapters of friction, force, vectors and so on. In chemistry, diagram-based questions often include questions involving structural analysis of components. These questions are time-consuming and require a lot of skills. One must be in thorough practice to solve these questions effectively.

  • By Providing Theories and Explanations in a Comprehensive Manner

The syllabus of NEET is huge. You have to master a lot of difficult concepts and theories in a very short preparative time. Unlike other books which drag on the theories to make it seem more complicated than it is. NCERT books are aimed to present difficult topics in an easy-to-understand manner.

  • By Testing Your Understanding

The books contain a number of questions for you to solve as practice. Self-evaluation on the basis of solving these questions will help you understand the area's you are lacking in. Knowing this helps you put more effort into the areas you lack.

Now that you know how your NCERT physics and chemistry books and Solutions can help you in your NEET preparation, do not ignore them. In fact, put more stress on them as for biology, it is relatively easier to grasp the concepts. Stay grounded, avoid doing selective study, and you can easily crack NEET with good score in all the subjects.

Find out How NCERT Physics and Chemistry Books and Solutions Help in NEET