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Exam Schedule | Science Olympiad Foundation

By Manasvi GuptaAugust 28, 2022
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Competitive examinations are now the basic norm in India to be almost anything. From college education to jobs, there are competitive examinations that students need to clear to qualify for most things today. So, in order to condition children for the format and experience of competitive examinations, the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) organises competitive examinations in various disciplines. This is done to help students grow their interest in various subjects and also prepare them for the competitive examinations they will have to appear for in the future.

Across India, over 50,000 schools and millions of individual students appear every year for these Olympiad examinations. These examinations are not only held in India; they are organised in over 48 countries around the world. So, now that you are knowledgeable about the basics of SOF and the various examinations they organise. Let’s dive into the exam schedule for Science Olympiad Foundation 2022.

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Science Olympiad Foundation 2022 Exam Schedule

The SOF examinations are not open to all. They are organised according to the class/standard the students are in at school. Students from classes 1 through 12 are eligible to appear for most of these examinations. The detailed eligibility criteria of each olympiad examination are set according to the subject. Let’s review the examination schedule and eligibility criteria for all SOF examinations of 2022.

SOF National Cyber Olympiad (SOF NCO)

The National Cyber Olympiad is targeted at students that have an interest in IT, technology, and science. The format of the test/exam is multiple choice questions whose difficulty ranks according to the class/standard of the student. The examination features problems of logical reasoning, IT, and computer. Let’s review the 2022 examination schedule of SOF NCO.

  • Date 1: 24 November 2022

  • Date 2: 20 December 2022

  • Eligibility: All students from classes 1 to 10

These are the dates of the Level 1 examination. The dates for the Level 2 examination will be released in January 2023. Two examination dates are mentioned because schools can choose to hold the examination on any of the mentioned dates according to their schedule.

SOF International Mathematics Olympiad (SOF IMO)

The International Mathematics Olympiad hosted by the SOF is one of the premier examinations for children to test their mathematics skills. This examination is focused on testing the logical reasoning skills, everyday mathematics skills, and mathematical reasoning skills of students. This olympiad examination also has two levels. Let’s discuss the schedule for the first level of the SOF IMO.

  • Date 1: 10 November 2022

  • Date 2: 22 November 2022

  • Date 3: 13 December 2022

  • Eligibility: All students from classes 1 to 12

The participating schools can choose to host the examination on any of the dates mentioned above. Upon the completion and checking of the level one examination, the level 2 exam dates will be released in January 2023.

SOF National Science Olympiad (SOF NSO)

The Science Olympiad is the premier examination held annually by SOF. This international test is organised to study the academic skill of students in science. The examination features questions about logical reasoning and science. Let’s learn about the schedule for SOF NSO.

  • Date 1: 18 October 2022

  • Date 2: 03 November 2022

  • Date 3: 01 December 2022

  • Eligibility: All students from classes 1 to 12

Schools can organise the first level examination on any of the dates mentioned above. The dates for the second level are expected to be released next year in January.

SOF International English Olympiad (SOF IEO)

As the name suggests, the International English Olympiad is organised all over the world by SOF in partnership with British Council. This examination focuses on a student’s overall grasp and ability to express themselves with the English language. Special focus is laid on communicative skills in English, rather than the exam being just a grammar test. Let’s review the examination schedule for SOF IEO 2022.

  • Date 1: 22 September 2022

  • Date 2: 14 October 2022

  • Date 3: 01 November 2022

  • Eligibility: All students from classes 1 to 12

The dates mentioned above are for the first level examination of the IEO. Eligible students from classes 3 to 12 can appear for the level 2 examination, whose dates are expected to be announced in January next year. Students from classes 1 and 2 are not required to appear for the second level.

SOF International Commerce Olympiad (SOF ICO)

International Commerce Olympiad or ICO is one of the olympiad examinations hosted annually by SOF. As the name suggests, this test is focused on the field of commerce. Commerce is not a discipline that is available to students before higher secondary in most cases, which makes this test a great way for you to test your skills before your higher secondary examination. Let’s review the examination schedule for the SOF ICO.

  • Date 1: 22 December 2022

  • Date 2: 24 January 2023

  • Eligibility: Only students of classes 11 and 12

The first level examination dates for ICO are mentioned above. The examination can be held on any of the two dates mentioned above by participating schools.

SOF International Social Studies Olympiad(SOF ISSO)

The SOF organises the International Social Studies Olympiad annually for students to test their skills in a particular subject. Social studies is a subject that combines history, political science, environment, and social behaviour. This examination features questions from all the topics mentioned above. Let’s learn about the exam schedule for ISSO.

  • Date 1: 22 December 2022

  • Date 2: 24 January 2024

  • Eligibility: Students from classes 3 to 10

These are the dates and the eligibility requirements for the first-level ISSO examination. The examinations can be conducted on any of the dates mentioned above by participating schools.

SOF International General Knowledge Olympiad(SOF IGKO)

The International General Knowledge Olympiad is one of the most popular examinations hosted by the SOF annually. Millions of interested students from across the world appear for this examination to test their General Knowledge skills. The examination features questions on topics such as general knowledge, basic awareness, and life skills. Let’s review the exam schedule for IGKO.

  • Date 1: 15 September 2022

  • Date 2: 11 October 2022

  • Eligibility: Students from classes 1 to 10

The examination can be conducted by your schools on any of the dates mentioned above. These dates are for the level 1 examination of the SOF IGKO.


So, that’s all the info you need about the Science Olympiad Foundation’s exam schedule for 2022. Make sure you are preparing for the tests diligently using all the study materials available online. And if you want some guidance and assistance in preparing for your Olympiad examinations to help you improve your rank, be sure to check out Vedantu’s Olympiad courses.