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Influence of Emotional Intelligence Activities

By Shiwani PandeyJuly 08, 2022
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Your Best Version can Come Out When Intelligence Meets Emotions

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate your emotion. Some suggest that EI is a matter of learning and developing over time. On the contrary, others claim that EI is an inborn virtue. However, in everyday affairs of life, it is crucial to express and control emotions.

Understanding, interpreting, and responding to others’ emotions are equally important. Tuning with your friends, colleagues, and associates makes day-to-day dealing easier. A better understanding of your own and other’s emotions is called emotional intelligence. According to some experts, EQ can be more important than IQ for overall success in life.


Importance of Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional intelligence helps to communicate with others better.

  • It necessitates the need to identify a mistake and learn from it.

  • Emotionally intelligent people are less self-centred and more understanding.

  • It also helps you to have better control over your thoughts and actions.

  • Emotional intelligence is a must-have soft skill for people in a leader’s position.

  • When criticism comes your way, you take it constructively and not personally.

  • Emotional intelligence keeps you calm and composed under pressure.

  • According to many experts, EI is more crucial than IQ because one with good workmanship becomes successful only when there is harmony and understanding in the team and a better outcome.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Component of Emotional Intelligence

Some components of emotional intelligence are notably significant. Consider them emotionally intelligent and whom you find to have the qualities.


People with better EI are likely to be more optimistic. Their overall approach toward life is brighter than average. They always look at the bright side of the story and find something reasonable in not-so-good situations. Their optimistic approach pushes them to try and succeed in life. Such people are usually self-motivated. You will feel contagious energy being around them.

Self Regulation

Having control over your emotion is no less than an art. Emotionally intelligent people manage what goes on in their minds and how that influences their feelings more wisely. They are usually more mature as they take time to react. This virtue also necessitates the need to manage thought processes. Self-regulation has much importance in achieving success in all areas of life.


For every social person, empathy is such an important thing to have. Leaders can’t be leaders without empathy. Empathy puts you in the other person’s shoes. You will realize and understand that person’s situation if you have empathy. By dint of empathy, an emotionally intelligent person knows how to tackle things and people in extraordinary cases.


Self Awareness

Self-awareness is the knowledge of one’s self. A self-aware person knows what their strength and weakness are. This enables a person to understand how to react and when to react. Different people and different situations demand other actions. Emotional intelligence drives you to take action accordingly.


Social Skill

When you have high EI, you always care for others and get along well. Know one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. Emotions make us human. Emotional intelligence helps people to be caring for themselves and others. Emotionally intelligent people inspire and lead others. Thus. Ensure strong bonding and drive them toward success in their professional and personal life. 

Difference between IQ and EQ

  • EQ is one’s level of emotional intelligence determined by a standardized test. IQ is also determined by the number you obtain from a standardized intelligence test. But it has more to do with one’s ability of logical reasoning.

  • One’s academic success depends upon IQ, whereas overall success in life happens a lot because of EQ.

  • Your social and emotional competencies measure EQ. It is about how you recognize your own and others’ emotional expressions. IQ is about your academic competency (with reasoning ability).

  • The emotional quotient changes and evolves with time. It is possible to increase emotional intelligence. IQ is something you have within your brain.

  • A person with EQ control and expresses emotions better. A person with a high IQ has better learning abilities.


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence


Benefits and Values of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a core competency in primary vocations. It supports the advancement of study and professional life. With better emotional intelligence, you experience improved relationships. People with higher EI are likely to perform genuinely well in all aspects. Considering the importance of EI, schools include the subject in their academic curriculum.

Proficiency in EI is now a vital prerequisite in intense areas of emotional work. Emotional intelligence has been counted as necessary in areas like Nursing, social work, the public sector, and the service industry. When it comes to forming and maintaining fruitful human relationships, emotional intelligence has proved to be an integral part of it. Experts have found a significant link between high EI and successful interpersonal relations.

Emotional intelligence includes cooperation, helpfulness, sympathy, empathy, understanding, analysis of a situation, maturity, and many more characteristics. The best thing about EI is the optimism it comes with. A positive approach to whatever comes your way helps in fighting adversity. There will be ups and downs in life, but the attitude to handle it well makes the difference. Here is where emotional intelligence keeps people ahead in the race. 

Why Does Emotional Intelligence Matter?

  • To accept yourself and the people around you as they are

  • To express concisely what do you need and why

  • To have a responsibility to execute what you do successfully

  • To be able to go on with your competencies

  • To build a strong connection with associates of all level

  • To have a flexible approach that accepts newness with an open mind.


The area of human emotion and matter related to the mind has no boundary. Emotional intelligence activities through games can sharpen the human mind. Let your children do activities for emotional intelligence. Motivate them to develop the practices that nurture emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence games would help them in this regard. If you have found this blog informative, share it with your friends. Visit our site for more such updated blogs.