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Egypt Mystery - 13 Facts You Did Not Know

By Puja RoyAugust 29, 2022
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Know All the Mysterious Facts of Ancient Egypt at Your Fingertips

Egypt is one of the oldest cities in the world. The civilisation of ancient Egypt is not only one of the oldest, but it is also one of the most developed civilisations the world has ever seen. That is why the mystery of Egypt seems to have no end.

The ancient tombs and thousands of years old temples, everything about Egypt has equally surprised both people and the archaeological department. Many organisations have conducted several pieces of research to discover its mysteries, unheard and unanswered. Since Egypt’s mystery attracts every person irrespective of age, we have mentioned some of the most famous Egypt mysteries in this article.

Fascinating Mysteries of Egypt

If you are enthusiastic in knowing about ancient Egypt, you must have come across many mysteries and unsolved riddles. So, here are some of those history’s greatest mysteries to amaze you.

  • Nomadic Hunters

The settlement of nomadic hunters in the valley of the river Nile was the reason why such a great civilisation named Egyptian civilisation flourished.

  • The Sun, The Prime Deity

The ancient settlers of Egypt considered the sun to be their deity. This is one of the unknown secrets of Egypt.

  • Protection Process of Tombs

Since the gigantic pyramids were the prime target of robbers in ancient times, the rulers of Egypt decided to hide their tombs in the valley of kings to avoid the robbers’ attack.

  • Egyptians’ Love for Cats

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians considered cats to be another deity for their intelligence and hunting capabilities? Ancient Egyptians loved cats so much that many families used to mummify the cats to meet them after death. Though there are many more interesting secrets of Egypt, it is perhaps the first time you hear of a cat being mummified.

The builders of pyramids

The Builders of Pyramids

  • The Builders of Pyramids

Did slaves build the pyramids? There are many assumptions regarding the building process of pyramids. But an equal amount of debates have been going on regarding who built the pyramids. While Herodotus claimed enslaved people were responsible for building pyramids, the archaeological departments contradict this claim. According to the evidence found during the research, the common people of Egypt built the pyramids. They were also buried next to the pharaoh to pay respect to their craftsmanship. 

  • Food of Egyptian Mystery Builders

Some claim that the mystery builders of ancient Egypts’ pyramids maintained a healthy diet consisting of goat, sheep meat and beef.

  • Unimportant Human Brain

Egypt’s mysteries have surprised many, but one of the unknown Egypt mysteries is that Egyptian people thought the human brain to be unimportant. So, they usually preserved the heart and other organs of the dead person and discarded the brain by scooping it out. 

  • Modern Calendar

Another unknown mystery of Egypt is that Egyptians were the ones who created the first modern calendar by observing the annual appearance of Sirius in the sky. However, later when they found out that Earth takes another day to complete its orbit around the sun, they added an extra day every four years, creating the concept of leap year.

  • Djedefre’s Pyramid

The pyramid mystery of Egypt is nothing new. But as time goes by, every new piece of information blows our minds. Such is the mystery of Djedefre’s pyramid. According to various research, this pyramid could be the highest in the world. However, nothing like that happened. Though Djedefre tried his best to make his pyramid the highest one, now all we can see is the ruins of it.

But no one knows the cause of its ruins. While some speculate that Romans might have destroyed it for its stones, others assume that people hated Djedefre so much that they took down the pyramid themselves.

  • The Hidden Chamber

Pyramids of Egypt possess secrets that have not surprised us once but multiple times. If you have not been surprised to hear about Pharaoh Khufu’s pyramid, you might not know about its secret chamber. This 4500 years old and 150 metres tall monument has a secret chamber that is considered the largest room of the pyramid.  

  • Tutankhamun's Death

Everyone knows that Howard Carter brought out Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922. Though the Giza pyramid mystery and Tutankhamun's death have been subjects of interest for many, few are on the same page regarding the cause of Tutankhamun's death. While some say that he had so many diseases that it is difficult to say what was the cause of his death. Others say that he was murdered after observing Tutankhamun's knee injury shortly before his death.

  • The Lost Labyrinth

Though most people focus on the Giza pyramid mystery, some have shifted their attention to the lost labyrinth of Egypt. This massive building with 3000 rooms is believed to have surpassed the pyramids in the old days. This building with the complex passages and gigantic roof made of a single stone is now in ruins. The 300-metre-wide stone plateau is the only thing that exists today.

Disappearance of Nefertiti

Disappearance of Nefertiti

  • Nefertiti’s Disappearance

There is another bigger mystery than the pyramid mystery, which is queen Nefertiti’s disappearance. Though the queen reigned in Egypt for many years as the first queen to rule in Egypt, no archaeologist has found her tomb or pyramid anywhere. According to the report, the wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten and mother of Tutankhamun, Nefertiti, was lost in History. There is no mention of her name after the 12th year of her husband’s rule for some unknown reason.


With its gigantic pyramids and strange customs, Egypt has become the most mysterious place on earth. With new digging, new mysteries unfold. History enthusiasts ask the question with thrill, ‘where is the end?’ Besides building a monument as complex as a pyramid, the ancient Egyptians left more mysteries and unanswered riddles. That is why Egypt has always been a subject of interest for everyone. Though unanswered, these Egyptian mysteries can keep people glued to their books even if they are not big fans of History.