Effect of Coronavirus in India: Tips to Consider for Parents to Prepare their Child for JEE/NEET Examinations

by Asmita Kundu, March 27, 2020

For the past two months, Covid-19 has turned the whole world upside down. This highly contagious virus that originated in China and spread rapidly to other parts of the world has claimed nearly 18,000 human lives worldwide. Till now, China, Italy and the USA are the countries with the maximum number of casualties.

 WHO declared this to be a pandemic and urged all countries to take appropriate steps to contain the spread of this virus. Since this is a new type of virus, there is no proper cure available yet. Even though researchers and developers are looking for coronavirus medicine or vaccine and clinical trials have begun, it might take around 12-18 months to find any solution. As of now, social distancing and other preventive methods are the only ways to avoid getting infected. As such, supportive care is the only treatment plan for coronavirus infection.

Effect of coronavirus in India 

In India, even though the numbers were low in the initial stages, the tally is fast rising now. Currently, there are around 600 positive coronavirus cases in India with the death toll rising every day. It has led the Government of India to implement the Epidemic Diseases Act of 1897.  It gives the Government the authority to take proper steps to control the contagion without any dispute. Additionally, multiple state governments have already announced the closure of schools, colleges and universities by invoking Section 144. Now they are taking more stringent steps like – 

  • Banning mass gathering and punishing those who are not observing it.

  • Suspending inter-state transport.

  • Suspending all businesses except those in the essential sectors like food, pharmacy, hospitals and the like.

  • Asking private sector employees to work from home if possible.

Such a devastating situation due to coronavirus have disrupted normal life and left everyone uncertain and anxious, especially students who are preparing for various entrance examinations that are conducted this time of the year. However, instead of worrying about what is going to happen, they should utilise this time and carry on with their preparation for entrances like JEE/NEET. If your child is getting ready to appear for any such examinations, you should help them to stay calm and continue with their preparation.

How to help your child prepare for entrance exams like JEE/NEET?

Go through the following tips to gain an idea on how you can help your child to prepare for competitive examination.

  • Guide them to revise the whole syllabus  

Considering the syllabi for these entrance examinations are vast, they should start revising at least a couple of months before the exams. With more time in hand, they can go over each topic thoroughly. They should also go through the formulas and practise formula-based questions to improve their accuracy. It is because formulae-based questions usually carry more weightage compared to other types of questions.

Help your child to understand the concept behind each formula instead of learning them by heart, as understanding the concept will enable them to recall it easily during the exam. Also, they should go through the previous years’ questions and practise the essential diagrams and graphs. Nonetheless, they should not ignore other questions also. 

To gain an idea about the question pattern, ask your child to sit for as many mock tests as possible and try to complete them within the given time. Regular mock tests will help your child to improve their speed and level of accuracy.

  • Help them to analyse their performance 

Mock tests will help them to know the level of their preparation. It will also aid them to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Besides practising the sections they are good at, they should also work on improving their weak areas. 

If it’s a topic or concept that they have not understood properly or had some doubts, ask them to contact their tutor at once. However, because of the coronavirus outbreak in India, it is better not to go outside and physically attend any class to avoid the risk of infection. Instead, sign them up for online coaching classes with Vedantu. With us, they can reach out to their teachers anytime they want for doubt clarification or any other assistance.

  • Make sure that they are not neglecting their health

You should make sure that your child is not skipping on meal-times and giving up on sleep to prepare for examinations. It can have an adverse effect on their health. Not only will they fall sick, but it will also hamper their preparation. 

Lack of sleep and proper food will make them tired, and they will be unable to concentrate properly. Lack of sleep also causes students to stress out and become more anxious even if they are fully ready with their preparation. 

Hence, you as a parent should make sure that your child is not falling into unhealthy patterns due to exam preparation. Make sure that they maintain fixed meal-times and their diet consists of nutrient-rich food. Also, remind them to get some sleep even though they want to pull all-nighters. Your child should also exercise for a few minutes at least every day, which will keep them fit & agile and enable them to study for a longer time.

  • Teach them about coronavirus protective measures 

In the light of Covid-19 outbreak, you need to make sure that your child is following proper preventive measures to reduce the risk of getting infected. Given below are the preventive guidelines set by the World Health Organisation – 

  • Wash hands often

The coronavirus infection spreads via respiratory droplets and also by direct contact with an infected person or surface. Therefore, it is vital to wash your hands with soap and water as often as it is feasible. Teach your child to scrub their hands properly for 20 seconds, including the areas between the fingers and under their nails to get rid of any germs or viruses. In case, soap and water are not available, use alcohol-based hand sanitisers.

  • Avoid touching your face with unclean hands 

Coronaviruses can stay active on surfaces for several hours and any healthy person who touches a contaminated surface can get infected too. As it is not possible to know beforehand if a surface is contaminated or not, one should avoid touching their mouth, nose and ears with their unclean hands.

  • Cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing

Coronavirus symptoms are similar to flu or the common cold and can develop between 2-14 days of contracting the virus. Therefore sometimes, an infected person may not be aware that he or she is affected by the coronavirus disease until it is too late. 

Therefore, to reduce the spread of the virus, make sure to cough or sneeze into your elbow or a handkerchief or tissue. Also, remember to dispose of the tissue into a closed bin properly. Wash your hands immediately if you sneeze into your hand.

Additionally, you should also consult a medical practitioner if you have a mild fever and are coughing or sneezing consistently and maintain a safe distance from others. Moreover, maintain distance from anyone who is exhibiting flu-like symptoms to prevent getting infected.

Here is how we are helping you prepare your child for their JEE/NEET 

During this coronavirus crisis, we are doing our bit to help you with your child’s preparation for competitive examinations like NEET and IIT JEE. Vedantu is offering free online courses so that your child can continue with their preparation from the safety and convenience of the home. Your child can choose between online crash course, micro-courses and the test series as per their requirements or go for all of them for thorough preparation. 

Here are several benefits that your child can avail – 

  • Directly interact with the teacher. 

  • Learn from the very best. 

  • Customised teaching based on your kid’s learning pace.

  • Choose from group classes and one on one classes.

  • Comprehensive study materials for each subject.

We also believe that students learn best when learning becomes a fun experience for them. For this purpose, our online classes offer fun features like polls and quizzes. These games will encourage students to learn and solve problems with added interest and zest.

Sign up or download our app today for an uninterrupted learning experience during these trying times!

Effect of Coronavirus in India: Tips to Consider for Parents to Prepare their Child for JEE/NEET Examinations