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Quick Tips to Make a Daily Schedule for 12 Year Old

By Shreya PatroJuly 08, 2022
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What Is a Daily Schedule for Students?

A daily schedule or routine is an order of daily activities that helps maintain consistency in an individual’s life. Maintaining proper daily schedules within a family helps construct a layout and boost mental, physical and even emotional soundness amongst all the members. Being a parent of a 12-year-old or a teen makes you play an important role in his or her life. This is the age when a child goes through a lot of significant changes, be it mental or physical. 

Good daily schedules can help keep your child feeling secure and also plan their entire day more effectively. As a parent, you should maintain a proper daily routine that would not only help in your child’s success but also create a strong bonding between you and your teenager. Let us read ahead and learn more about how to make a daily schedule for students.

How to Make a Daily Schedule for Students?

Routines and schedules help keep children disciplined and lead each moment of their student life toward achieving success. Setting up daily schedules or routines will let your 12-year-old stay organised and focused. You must keep in mind that though routines make your child follow fixed daily activities. So to make it a healthy one you must remember to make it flexible enough for your child. 

When in school or some organisation, children are bound to follow a certain fixed schedule. If you can maintain the same daily schedule for students at home as well that will help them keep the stability of their daily routine. Here is a daily schedule example for students. You may divide the whole day’s activities into four parts.

Daily schedule of a student

Daily schedule of a student

Morning Routine

As the saying goes, “Early to rise and early to bed, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise”, so should be done in real life as well. This means that an individual who goes to bed on time and wakes up early will lead a successful life. Establishing a fixed morning routine can not only help your child stay active and focused but also carry on with the rest of the day’s work with ease. Every student should follow this:

  • Make a habit of waking up at around 8 am. Brush your teeth and clean up.

  • Then take a shower and wear clean clothes. Try to complete this by 8:20 am.

  • Go for breakfast. Make sure to wash your hands before and after eating.

  • Once done eating, pick up your dishes and help your parents in cleaning them up.

  • Complete this task by 9 pm.

  • Get back to your room for the educational activity. Check if you have any homework left. You could solve some Maths problems and practise some writing. Pick up from the lessons that you left the last day. Try to complete it.

  • Carry on with your studies for at least two hours.

  • When you’re complete with your academics, you may go for some engagement activities with your parents. Like making some DIY crafts using household waste, or preparing a dish with the help of your mom, that the whole family could enjoy having at lunch.

Afternoon Routine

After completing the morning activities, now is the time for some lunch. 

  • Around noon (12 o’clock), help your mother set the table with food. 

  • Remember to wash your hands before and after eating. 

  • Pick up your dishes and help your parents with cleaning. 

  • At 1 pm, spend some quiet leisure time of your own. You may solve a puzzle, read a storybook or listen to some music or watch your favourite cartoon. Do some painting. This alone time will help you feel relaxed and gain confidence in yourself. Remember to eat fruits or have a glass of juice!

  • Around 3:30 pm, make yourself ready for some outdoor activities. Every child needs to be fit and active to keep him or herself healthy. Outdoor sports like some fitness exercise, swimming, dancing, etc. could be highly refreshing for the young mind.

  • Get back home by 5:00 pm. Take a shower and freshen up. You may have some snacks or health drinks since you’ve worked out a lot.

Evening Routine

Now that you’re feeling all refreshed from the physical activities, it’s time for your brain to get super active.

  • At 5:30 or 6 pm sit down for some more studies. Take the help of your parents, if needed, in places where you are stuck. Continue with your academics for 2 hours.

  • Around 7:30 or 8 pm, close all your books and keep your study table organised. You may now spend quality time with the whole family watching television, playing video games, while enjoying some snacks. You may also make plans to visit some places of entertainment with your parents during this hour. This is the time that keeps the whole family bonded and strengthens the parent-child relationship.

Night Routine

Remember, about going to bed on time? So, to make that happen you must always take your dinner on time. This will help in the proper digestion of food before sleeping.

  • Around 8:30 pm to 9 pm, help your mom set the dinner table. 

  • Again, do not forget to wash your hands before and after eating.

  • Help your parents in cleaning the dishes.

  • Then brush your teeth and clean your face. You may take a shower if required. Else, get into your pyjamas and be ready to go to bed.

  • Before going to bed, go for a small walk, maybe in your garden or backyard or the lane by your house. This is a very good practice which enhances your digestion and also lets you fall asleep easily.

  • In case you’re not feeling like taking a walk, go to your bed with a storybook to read, or music to play. Get back to sleep by 10 pm.

Situations Faced While Maintaining Daily Schedule for 12 Year Old

Building daily routines for your teenagers can be easier than maintaining those. As your little ones reach their adolescents, they tend to grow a few attributes that most parents find difficult to manage. Due to physical and mental changes at this age, they face a lot of mood swings, tend to act stubborn, are less attentive to what parents are saying and try to push back. This leads every parent to run into a daily fight and argument with them. However, as a parent, you need to keep in mind the vulnerability of this age and try to act with a lot of calmness and patience. 

Forcefully making your child do things by hitting or scolding cannot turn out to be a healthy practice. Instead, making them understand what good could these daily routines bring to their lives and pointing out the results sound much more encouraging. 

Girl ignoring her mother’s scolding

Girl ignoring her mother’s scolding


It is important to keep your 12-year-old grounded on some fixed schedule to help them build various skills like handling challenges, learning to cooperate, taking responsibilities and decisions, and maintaining family bonds. The daily schedule example for students could be of great use for every parent out there who wants to see their child succeed in life.