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Ways to Maximize Student Participation in Online Classes

By Gaurav BargotiAugust 16, 2023
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Why is Participation Important in Online Learning?

Irrespective of the class or grade one belongs to, maximizing student participation through creative online learning platforms is essential. These participations and discussions provide students a chance to ask their questions and have deeper discussions. Introverted students also find it easier to interact in this medium. 

Creative Ideas For Enhanced Online Class Discussions

Open discussions are generally fruitful for all the students in online classes as it reinforces the concepts among students. It allows the space for a discussion-based model of learning that can be helpful in multiple ways. Hearing students' side will help the professor understand the information they retain and their learning capabilities.

Participation also enables the possibility of hearing different viewpoints of classmates regarding their course content. It allows respectful challenges to each other’s opinions and grow and learn from each other simultaneously. The assistance provided by the virtual environment provides opportunities for sharing and connecting outside the classroom which might help students to stay more connected to one another. The availability of numerous social platforms helps to form student groups and develop new friendships. Students involved in all these discussions tend to prepare better for classes.

In this article, we have created a list of points to be considered for an enhanced online class discussion experience.

Use Forums for Deeper Discussions Online

Using forums for deeper and more interesting online discussions can enhance the experience in several ways. Teachers can give students assignments to mention the learnings from the course in the place of the forum. They can make comments on at least two to three posts individually compulsory to increase the discussion space.

This activity will increase interaction among students, help them learn new things simultaneously, and make understanding students’ status easier for the professor.

Using Video Content for Interesing Online Discussion

Using video content is a form of increasing student engagement, and this attracts student attention for a comparatively longer period. Teachers can utilize online classes video posting sites to upload their pre-recorded lectures and share the links with the students. It can enhance the learning experience for a student and encourage more engaging class discussions among peers.

A combination of live and recorded lectures can also improve the teaching experience as students can understand and learn the concepts from the presented recorded lectures. The live classes give chances for discussions and debates to achieve better results. It can set aside time for students to ask questions about the material and subject.

Use the Student’s Work Gallery to Showcase Creativity

Making a student’s work gallery can promote creativity among students. Portraying visual components of a project to other students and allowing them to be inspired by the work can create a sense or desire to be more creative and active with the work they are willing to pursue.

Presenting works from different students to a group or class of students can initiate the willingness to improve and do better such that they see their works in the same place. A showcase of a student’s work gallery is a motivating space that can lead to interactions and discussions among the students. It is solely a teacher’s choice as to how they would like to see their students and in which positions to receive improved results.

Ensure the Accessibility to Class Content

Accessible class content for interesting online discussion is essential. Online classes which provide content before the teaching enables students to review the given study material and have an overview of everything before the classes begin. It gives them an edge about everything that will be taught to them. It also gives them a chance to be active during the question-answer sessions of the online class discussion. 

Accessibility of the study material before the conduction of classes is an ideal way to familiarize students with their course contents while enabling them to take part in other discussions at the class and forum levels. It creates a bonding between teachers and students helping them understand the situation of students in their classes.


An actively engaged class discussion where different aspects of learning are considered and taken into discussion at appropriate levels is a rewarding experience for both the teacher and the student. The methods of improved engagement and deeper discussions in this article are useful for better learning and teaching experience. A creative solution for team-building activities and complex problems which are to be solved by students in a group are found through these improved discussions generally. A well-informed student channel and a learning experience for both parties can smoothen the process. Implementation of creative ideas curated by the students and teachers will lead to interesting and useful discussions among peers.

FAQs on Ways to Maximize Student Participation in Online Classes

1. Is Online forum space beneficial to increase student participation?

Yes, an online forum gives students space to present their views and discuss similar interests, resulting in increased student participation.

2. Will live video be a form of engagement for students?

No, live video interaction restricts students from their general activity.

3. How can chats be used to increase discussions?

Chats are for discussion about understanding and receiving answers from the students for different questions asked during the class.