Coronavirus Outbreak: 7 Indoor Activities To Keep Your Kids Engaged To Avoid The Outside Environment

by Anusha Lal, March 27, 2020

The outbreak of coronavirus has already had a disastrous effect on human lives at a global scale as, even the medically advanced countries not being able to bypass the pandemic. Consequently, the mandatory shutdown has been enforced by Central and State authorities in India in a bid to curb this rising pandemic. 

This outbreak of Covid-19 virus along with the necessary shutdown, has already had its effect on the world economy with the share market dropping points periodically. Quite understandably, academic spheres have also had to absorb this impact with schools, colleges, universities being on lockdown along with examinations being postponed.

Under such circumstances, keeping the kids engaged at home can be a difficult objective for parents. With every functioning being on lockdown nationwide, barring the emergency services, managing your kids at home can be especially difficult if you also have to work from home, as is the case with innumerable individuals. To tackle this situation, as a parent, you must formulate a routine for your child.

This routine, with its dedicated schedule for different activities, is not just helpful in managing a kid but also helps in instilling the discipline that is often missing during extended stays at home. 

Especially since it is not possible to pinpoint a time when everything gets back to normal, it is even more vital that you involve your child in scheduled activities which can effectively instil the ambience of homeschooling. This can immensely help your child when he/she rejoins school since neither is their discipline lost, nor are they lagging in their course objectives.

Additionally, you should also explore different methods in which this free-found time can be utilised to enhance the academic and extra-curricular activities of your child. While on the one hand, this keeps them engaged; on the other, it also broadens their knowledge and expertise. Keeping this in mind, our experts at Vedantu have come up with an interesting list of activities that can help you keep your kids engaged and in turn, avoid the outside environment. You should explore this list discussed below and implement the possible pointers during this coronavirus shutdown to ensure that your child is updated while being safe at home.

  • Integrate the Habit of Reading Storybooks

One of the reasons for choosing storybooks as our first suggestion of activities is that it includes a habit of reading while basically being a form of entertainment. While most kids these days prefer watching videos or even listening to e-books, it is essential to inculcate the habit of reading. On the one hand, this fills children with numerous ideas along with its quota of entertainment. At the same time, it also incorporates a strict practice which can immensely help in academic studies and researches.

You can begin by exploring your existing vault of storybooks, while your child's preference of reading will help you in understanding if you might order for a new book. Do not try venturing out of your house amidst this shutdown for coronavirus; instead, simply download e-books and PDFs for your child.

  • Schedule Times for Studying

It is vital you schedule time for your child's study every single day so that their habit of regularly attending classes is not lost during this shutdown. You should also be conscious of incorporating every subject and necessary topics in this schedule. Preferably, your schedule should have a morning session for your child's studies along with another session in the evening.

Under such circumstances, it is essential that you are well aware of not only your kid's academic syllabus but also have access to quality study materials. However, finding necessary study materials can also be difficult with a lockdown in effect.

Vedantu, well aware of this situation, offers master classes and study materials to help students in this situation. We also offer doubt clearing sessions which further your child's preparation. You can begin by assessing your son/daughter's present academic preparation with online mock tests at Vedantu. With the ease of access over multiple devices, Vedantu ensures that even coronavirus does not affect the academics of your kid. Now keep your child's preparation undeterred with our study material and NCERT Solutions Class 1 to 12 all subjects available on the Vedantu site.

  • Periodically Opt for Mock Tests

The only reason for mentioning mock tests separately is that under the current circumstances, it is vital to include it in any schedule you make for your child. While usual preparation at school is often adequate, you must note that your child's usual schedule has been immensely reshuffled. This is bound to impact their academic readiness, as well as his/her educational endeavour.

Subsequently, it is vital that you regularly assess your child's preparation with mock tests and schedule his/her routine accordingly. Furthermore, these tests will also challenge your kids to prepare their examination syllabus, thereby engaging them deeper into their studies.

  • Watch Informative Videos Online

Online platforms offer a plethora of videos which range over many genres. Your schedule for your child during this coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdown should include some time for entertainment. Watching videos and even movies can be an effective method to help your kid unwind. As a result, you must schedule this session in their daily routine too.

While incorporating video sessions in your kid's schedule, you should explore interactive and informative videos which do not just entertain your child but also engage their intelligence. This can be a very effective method to aid in your child's development instead of letting them watch any mindless show.

  • Encourage Possible Extra-Curricular Activities 

It is not uncommon to find children not having enough time for extra-curricular activities with their usual schedule being filled with academic and other necessities. As a parent, you should explore the option of integrating an extra-curricular activity in the schedule that you make for your kid. With this lockdown in effect, there is ample time for your kid to explore any activity that can be conducted at home.

Consequently, you can search for YouTube videos to help your child learn the basics of activities like painting or sketching, playing any musical instrument, dancing or singing, exercises, etc. With this extra time that has been provided by the Covid-19 outbreak and its subsequent shutdown, incorporating basic freehand exercises is highly advisable. Incorporating this habit in their daily schedule can effectively help your kid develop a healthy habit for life.

  • Teach Basic Home Science

Students in the later stages of schooling must be slowly prepared for a life outside the home, owing to academic and career choices that are to be made in their future. Understandably, a little knowledge of basic home science can come in very handy for their future. With this outbreak prompting shutdown and consequently freeing up time for you as well as your kid, you should consider teaching them simple cooking recipes and other necessities.

It is important that you are very vigilant while taking your kid on a tour of home science activities since some can be potentially hazardous. Also, it is advisable to engage middle school and high school students only in these exercises.

  • Access Educational Games Online

It comes as no surprise that most kids are in love with different games on PC, as well as smartphones. While there are many games which do not quite contribute to your kid's development, some of them do. As a result, you should try to focus your kid towards academic or interactive games which compound their academia. You can also try formulating a routine which lets your kid play games of their choice, as long as they also indulge in these educational games.

Along with the utilisation of this newfound time, it is also important you see that your child is not depressed with being cut-off from their peers. While this can be easily solved by connecting him/her with friends over phone or online, it is important that you strictly enforce health guidelines too.

Considering the above pointers, it is evident that online access turns out to be a major help, especially with a lockdown in effect. As an academic platform offering online education, we are well aware of this and consequently have spared no effort in making your child's academic endeavours as smooth as possible even in this time of crisis.

Register your child with us, access us through PCs, tablets or phones and make the most of this time at home! Time cannot be rewound, and using it wisely is the basis of achieving excellence!

Coronavirus Outbreak: 7 Indoor Activities To Keep Your Kids Engaged To Avoid The Outside Environment