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Coronavirus Impact: How Should Students Utilize Their Free Time Due to School Closures

By Asmita KunduMarch 24, 2020
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With the novel coronavirus spreading like wildfire, the situation is palpable and is turning severe with each passing day. With ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) confirming 206 positive cases in India as on 20th March 2020, you need to be more cautious than ever. With this, the global count for the number of positive COVID-19 cases has reached 2,45,967. 

The lurking threat upon the human lives has prompted the government to take strict actions so as to contain the virus. As one such precautionary step, the schools and other educational institutes are shut down across India. The situation thus doesn't only affect the physical fitness of individuals but may slow down one's academic progress. 

With schools closed till 31st March, and the date may be extended based on the situation, students have to stay put at homes. That's to keep them safe from the pandemic coronavirus disease. Missing out on classes is a mandate considering the scenario, but that doesn't mean that the kids' progress will have to deter. 

How to ensure your kid utilizes the time productively? 

With shut down of schools and people practising social distancing, public tuitions aren't an option either. 

Are you considering home tuitions?

Take the following pointers into consideration before you do so. 

  • It may seem safe to allow a tutor to your home, but the risk of getting your kid infected is multiplied. You can't know for sure if the tutor has been infected or not, or if they have come in contact with an infected individual. 

  • Besides, coronavirus infection can spread either person to person or via infected or contaminated surfaces. So, the tutor, along with his/her belongings, can put your child at risk. 

At this situation, avoiding home tuitions seems like a safer option as you can't jeopardize your child's safety just because you don't want them to lag in their academic pursuits. Another safer alternative for this situation is to look for online tuitions as your kid won't have to go out, and they will acquire the necessary lessons as well. 

To aid worried parents and students about their academic progress, Vedantu has made available the live classes free of cost. You can register via our website or download the app to get free access to the interactive live classes. Now browse through our classes which are segregated class-wise and chapter-wise for the ease of students and help your kid learn while keeping them safe. 

Further, it is to note that students not very often get such free time and hence they might feel the situation overwhelming and end up wasting more time than they should. Instead, you, as a parent, can help your child in utilizing this free time more productively.  

Here's a list of things you can make them do! 

How to Help Utilise Free Time Productively? 

  • Help with assignments & homework 

With schools shut down, for the time being, they have provided assignment tasks and homework to keep students engaged in studies. Apart from this, they are also assigned projects that they need to finish and submit once schools reopen. 

Hence, you can help your kid during the coronavirus scare to stay at home and complete the assignments given to them. 

  • Help them find correct answers to the questions. 

  • For numerical and mathematical questions, explain them the method and verify if they have got it right. 

  • Gather resources and help them prepare the project. 

  • Clear doubts, if any. 

  • Register for online tuitions 

With offline tuitions and home tuitions out of the scenario, online tuitions seem to be the best alternative. You need to look for a site which has-

  • Professional and experienced tutors. 

  • Quality study material. 

  • Assessment and test options. 

  • Scheduled interactive classes. 

  • Doubt clearing classes. 

  • Revision notes. 

  • Exercise solutions. 

  • Live classes to help learn a concept, etc. 

With these features in place, your kid will have the necessary exposure as well as resources to learn the intricate concepts from the safety of the home itself. 

  • Help them take a self-assessment test 

Self-assessment tests help evaluate one's progress based on the current learning of a subject or chapter. Having scored good marks can boost your kid's morale significantly while you can encourage your kid to study stringently in case they score low. You can either help them take the self-assessment test through our site or may prepare a questionnaire for them as per their latest study pattern. 

This will keep their competitive spirit alive, and they will strive toward studying more dedicatedly. 

  • Quiz and general knowledge 

Apart from the bookish and academic knowledge, knowing about current affairs, acquiring general knowledge, etc. are also crucial for their overall development. Since knowledge is power, they will have an edge in their academics as well. You can help them by 

  • Encouraging reading newspaper. 

  • Informing them about general knowledge questions. 

  • Helping them learn and retain the information through a quiz, etc. 

  • Hobbies and interests 

No child can study stringently for 24x7; hence you need to keep them engaged in activities in which they take an interest. Surely, you can't take them out for their favourite sport because of the coronavirus scare situation, but there are several other exciting indoor activities where they can indulge, such as –

  • Read storybooks. 

  • Play indoor games like Ludo, Carrom, etc. 

  • Play puzzles, quiz, and word games to sharpen their mind. 

  • Hobbies like singing, painting, etc. that can be practised from home should be encouraged.

Further, making sure your kid indulges in an activity of their interest helps as their minds are relaxed from the study pressure. 

  • Spend quality time with your kid at home

Out of the busy schedules of every individual, we barely get time to spend with family and loved ones. The situation can be difficult outside due to coronavirus, but you can stay indoors and spend quality time with your child while taking the pre-emptive measures. Meanwhile, talking to your child will help you determine and work on their strengths and weaknesses and teach them the essence of punctuality, discipline, time management, etc. 

  • Teach them to help with easy household chores 

Teaching your kid to lend a helping hand in the household chores may seem like an absurd idea to some, but it is actually useful. This way, you are teaching them to be self-sufficient and helping them to do their jobs themselves. 

Not only this is a productive utilization of their time during this coronavirus outbreak, but it will help them eventually in life. 

  • Teach healthy hygiene habits 

With people practising self-quarantine and social distancing methods, you need to ensure that your child is safe at home as well. To do so, teach them healthy hygiene habits to protect them from the claws of coronavirus disease. Here, have a look at the hygiene habits you must teach your kid. 

  • Washing hands properly before and after a meal, after coughing, or after coming from outside. 

  • Cleansing teeth daily. 

  • Taking a bath using soaps and wearing clean clothes, etc. 

Further, keeping your child engaged in productive activities isn't the only concern of parents as novel coronavirus has spread its reach to several states in India. Parents must keep themselves as well as their children safe during the epidemic situation by adhering to the necessary pre-emptive measures. 

Not to Forget Precautionary Steps! 

Since coronavirus symptoms are quite similar to that of common flu (fever, cough, shortness of breath), one may mistake one for another. Therefore, it becomes paramount to keep yourself and your kids protected during the pandemic situation. 

Further, you can follow the below-mentioned tips for coronavirus prevention. 

  • Keep at least 1-metre distance from the individual having a cough or sneezing. 

  • Wash your hands frequently using soap, hand wash, or an alcohol-based sanitizer. 

  • Don't touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands. 

  • Cover your mouth or wear a mask if you are having cough. 

  • Make sure to be wary of symptoms. 

  • Consume Vitamin C rich food to boost your immunity system. 

These measures will help keep your child protected at home. Meanwhile, you can help them utilize this time for fruitful results by using these tips to keep them engaged. 

Vedantu, in this pursuit, has tried to make these worrying parents’ lives a bit easier with their free masterclasses available online. You can register for the scheduled classes and help your child learn the topics where they need assistance. Now keep your child's preparation undeterred with our study material and NCERT Solutions Class 1 to 12 all subjects available on Vedantu site. 

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