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Find the Best Courses for Girls After 10th

By Manasvi GuptaOctober 29, 2022
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Career planning is the most crucial aspect of one’s life, so choosing the right career path is important, and especially after the pandemic, the choice of opting for a career has been more sensitive, leading to many issues like anxiety, depression, etc. Hopefully, the following information may help girl students choose a career option up to their expectations.
Best Courses After 10th Pass for Girls in India

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After 10th Courses List for Girls 2022

There are plenty of courses and diplomas to choose from after the 10th. There are several technical and non-technical courses. Post 10th, there are two basic types of courses: Vocational and Polytechnic diploma courses. Multiple courses are available within these two courses, and some of the programs are as follows:-

1. Diploma in Architectural Engineering

A diploma in architectural engineering is among the best diploma courses after 10th for girls. It is a full-time, 3-year long course that includes the study of planning, designing, implementing, and constructing buildings. In this course, the students are taught various aspects of architecture, including the spacing required, types of material involved, and interior and exterior designing. 

In short, girls receive an in-depth knowledge of architecture engineering. After completing this course, students get good job opportunities. Plenty of architectural companies are looking for young and new blood for growth and development.

2. Career Options in Home Science

A diploma course in home science is a short-term and among the best diploma courses after 10th for girls that lasts for a year. In this course, you understand how to maintain a house and understand the daily requirements of a household, fulfilling the necessary work and essential day-to-day requirements.

3. Management Courses 

The thing that makes event management courses the most popular and best course after 10th pass for girls is their short duration. Most of the girls after 10th apply for this course as it lasts for only 6-12 months, and it is in very high demand nowadays. This course teaches students the requirements and management of functions, parties, and get together. This course is in high demand, and many colleges accept applications for post-10th classes. Many job opportunities exist for those who have completed this course and with good pay grades.

4. Yoga Instructor Career Options After 10th for Girls

A diploma in yoga is a 1-year course, one of the most promising and best career options after 10th for girls nowadays. In this course, you learn about the balance of body and mind, like different types of asanas and meditation techniques, and in-depth knowledge of physiology and mental health. After successfully completing this course, one can become a yoga instructor and earn good money while helping many people with their mental and physical problems. So, it benefits both the instructor and student to achieve a better life form and happy life.

5. Journalism

Another course that dominates the after 10th courses list for girls 2022 is none other than a diploma in journalism and mass communication. It is a certificate-level or a 2-3 year-long course. Since the media is vast, you will receive in-depth knowledge of the subject. You will learn different ways of collecting information and handling the technology used for broadcasting news to different parts of the world, practising live reporting on camera for TV channels, print media, digital platforms, radio, etc.

After completing this course, there are many job opportunities because journalism is growing rapidly daily. After completing the diploma course, one can also go for a higher education course in mass media and journalism.

6. Fine Arts

A diploma in fine arts is a 1-year vocational training program it is based on creative thinking and requires creative skill sets, which, apparently, girls are very good at. So this is ideal for them to choose a course and career in fine arts many of the skill sets are required in fine art, such as sketching, painting, designing, etc. Students learn in detail about the history of fine arts and how to draw and paint effectively, make motifs, statue models and many different things.

Many colleges seek out students with unique and creative minds to apply. If you have an interest in art and crafts, you should definitely apply for this course.

7. Nursing Care Assistant

A diploma in nursing care assistance is a 2 year-long course that has its place in the after 10th science courses list for girls. This course is very popular amongst the girls post-10th standard. Those interested in making their career in medical care can opt for this course as it provides deep knowledge of many things, such as nutrition, pediatric nutrition, pharmacology, anatomy, etc. A diploma in nursing care assistant is a demanding and job-oriented course that provides many job opportunities after completing the course. There are many colleges where you can apply for diploma courses in nursing care.

8. Graphic Designing

Thinking of making a career in graphic design is one of the most expanding career lines. It is a mixture of understanding technology and being creative, and having a vast variety of ideas. This course teaches you about many things such as layering, illustration, and Photoshop. In addition to graphic designing, students can also learn digital marketing, one of the most promising careers shortly and will be booming in the coming 5-6 years. 

Graphic designing is one of the most lucrative career choices among the girls after their 10th as it opens many job opportunities for them. Many colleges provide diploma courses for graphic design. Many game companies, studios, and industries hire people with handsome pay.


So to conclude, after 10th which field is best for girl in India,  you should go for the courses mentioned and search the colleges suitable as per your preference. For better opportunities, it is highly recommended that you complete the 10+2 standard so you would have a very vast variety of options to choose from and would help you to reach your goals more effectively and efficiently.

Choosing the correct career path is very important, and if you choose without any consultation or without seeing the options you might regret choosing the wrong career path. So, hopefully, this article would have helped you better understand your career choices.

FAQs on Find the Best Courses for Girls After 10th

1. Are these courses available for 10+2 class students?

Yes, these courses are also available for students completing or who have passed class 12. 

2. What is the eligibility to pursue professional commerce courses?

To pursue professional commerce courses, candidates must have completed their 10+2 with at least 50% marks from a recognised board, preferably in the Commerce; bothm, both Commerce with Math and without Math stream will work. 

3. Is a diploma a good choice?

When making a career change, diplomas are helpful if the field in which you will be working doesn’t require a college degree. Since diplomas are often more technical or trade-oriented, they can be an excellent choice for those interested in becoming an electrician or dental assistant.