Benefits of Participating in SOF Olympiad 2020

by Archana Rao, March 26, 2020

How a student can benefit from SOF Olympiad 2020

Schooling is the first step to acquiring knowledge and learning new concepts. The curriculum set by the boards is for students of all intellectual levels. It is meant for delivering basic knowledge regarding different subjects. For deeper thinking, reasoning skills, and focused learning, Olympiad competitive exams are the best platforms. 

Students preparing for Olympiad exams develop better reasoning and logical thinking skills to use in the future. Olympiad 2020 is organized on different levels and different subjects to encourage deeper learning. Preparing for these national-level competitions help students elevate their knowledge and break the monotonous cycle as well.

Advantages of preparing for Olympiad 2020

The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) organizes 6 competitive exams based on 6 subjects.

  1. International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)

  2. National Science Olympiad (NSO)

  3. National Cyber Olympiad (NCO)

  4. International English Olympiad (IEO)

  5. International Commerce Olympiad

  6. International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)

All these Olympiad 2020 competitive exams are conducted to deliver a platform where an aspirant can judge his/her level of analytical, problem-solving, and reasoning skills. Students who are inclined to a particular subject should prepare for these competitive exams and face the challenges. For this, you will have to seek guidance and follow a routine. You will also need the assistance of Olympiad 2020 question papers and mock tests to practice. 

Following the syllabus and understanding the concepts deeper, a student will be able to avoid rote-learning methods and can focus on understanding and implementing concepts. The prime motive of the authority is to kindle the enthusiasm to learn new things and implement them to solve problems within students.

Here is a list of benefits of preparing for Olympiads a student can enjoy.

  1. Developing a deeper understanding of the related concepts 

In most of the questions set in the school and board exams, only one concept is focused. On the other hand, SOF Olympiad focuses on setting questions based on multiple concepts in a challenging manner. Unless a student is well aware of the concepts and their applications, finding an answer will be quite intimidating. The intellect of a student is challenged. Hence, a deeper understanding of the concepts in the syllabus should be developed. Questions are made twisting the concepts. The aspirants will be motivated and feel the urge to solve them within a restricted amount of time. A complete grasp on the subject is mandatory to ace the competitive exam.

  1. Problem-solving skills

As mentioned earlier, a higher intellect or good analytical skill is necessary for solving questions in the Olympiad exams. When a student surpasses the intellect of the questions included in a textbook, he will need a bigger challenge to test their intellect. The Olympiad exams offer the best platform to do so. Students of Class I to Class XII will find a series of questions to be answered within 60 minutes. 

Each question demands critical thinking. Preparing for this exam will make a student more skilled in analytical thinking and logical reasoning. This skill makes the difference. It makes them more competitive and thoughtful. Problem-solving skills are necessary for every aspect of life. Olympiad creates a foundation of such skills to use in the later years. The students listen properly, infer, predict, classify, conclude, reason, and solve problems by developing such skills. It is just the beginning. Brain-storming and dedication will make it perfect.

  1. Building confidence

As mentioned earlier, a student will be able to develop a deeper understanding of the various concepts. After overcoming the normal level, he/she will proceed further by feeling encouraged to learn more and use those concepts for solving intellectual problems. On progressing, students will develop more confidence. Answering questions aptly in mock tests and making their analytical skill stronger will also boost their morale. Apart from the Olympiad, students will definitely do better on the board and national level competitive exams for higher studies using this confidence.

  1. Academic performance

Practicing the Olympiad online mock tests will lead to a development of higher-order thinking elevating the level of students academically. The online material and books designed for Olympiad will help them to develop such skills and become academically better. Appearing in the Olympiad exams make students sharper. Hence, it will aid in scoring good marks in the board exams, as well as, in the Olympiads.

  1. Developing a mindset for competitive exams

Preparing for the national-level competition will develop a new mindset. The students will work harder, prepare a foundation to become eligible for the competitive exams and use their newly-developed skills. Subjective learning and practicing for the Olympiad will go hand in hand for such development. In fact, a student can go beyond the school-level competition and make their mark. The competitive exams like IIT JEE, AIEEE, UPSC, NEET, CA, IAS, etc will need a strong mindset. Scoring a rank in the Olympiad on a level higher than the school will deliver confidence. Students will also find their weaknesses and strengths to work on. They will also develop a skill to plan and organize their resources as well. Managing their time efficiently will help them in future exams held nationwide.

  1. Platform to showcase talent

The aspirants who are confident of performing well in Olympiad can use this platform to showcase their talent and gain acclamations. Rewards and certifications will make their will stronger to keep on performing. The experience of the national level competitions held by the Olympiad authority will be of great use. Progressing gradually from the zone, state, national to the international level will bring more acclamations to the performers.

  1. Building your academic profile

Many of the students have a bigger dream of studying in top-level institutions. These acclamations will add positive points to their academic profile. A good score in the Olympiad will not only deliver satisfaction but also will make the profiles stronger and more competitive. Getting recognized by the authority will also help the aspirants to make their profile glow brighter.

Final words

Apart from the advantages of participating in the Olympiad 2020, a student will gain additional knowledge in particular subjects. Regular brainstorming will also keep their minds active and healthy. Olympiad will help you stand different in a crowd. Sharpen your skills and increase your confidence to raise the bar of competition in your school and showcase your talent. 

Benefits of Participating in SOF Olympiad 2020