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Exploring the Benefits of Science Stream in Class 11

By AiswaryaMarch 13, 2024
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Advantages of Taking Science Subjects After Class 10

So you've suuccefully completed Class 10, but are unsure about your next step? Look no further than the fascinating world of science! Dive deeper into the subjects that shape our world and unlock a future full of possibilities.

The decision-making on what to choose to proceed further in your school-going age is very crucial as your future academic career and further education are dependent upon it. Among all the other subject combinations available, the benefits of Science stream are vast.

Class 11 is an important stage of your academic career, and choosing a subject combination is all about your preferences, understanding ability, and capability in different subjects. The Science stream of Class 11 is based on four main Science subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology.

Benefits of Choosing Science Stream Subjects in Class 11

Before you start worrying about why to choose the Science stream in Class 11, here is all the information about Science being the most demanded subject combination over the years. Check out the Benefits of Science Stream in Class 11:

  1. When you choose Science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, your idea of how the world works in different ways with all its causes and effects becomes clear. From discovering how telephones are made and their functions to learning about how several medicines are made and their fruitfulness, the idea of how the world around us is functioning perfectly with all of its branches, Science has the answer. 

  2. Subjects in Science streamlike Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are all about the opportunities of getting into caregiving sectors everywhere. 

  3. From several discoveries by the creativity of scientists to the human body and its functions, everything is systematically covered up in the stream. You will never feel the lack of opportunity and get bored once you start exploring different aspects of Science subjects.

  4. Apart from proceeding with regular higher studies and a career in the medical and engineering departments, Science subjects allow you to discover something new that has never been there since the existence of this world. The excitement of creating or discovering something new is always there.

  5. Mathematics as a Science subject has its importance everywhere nowadays. A person with proper mathematical skills will always stand out from the crowd. 

  6. The era of deciding your future according to the marks you get on your boards is long gone. Still, when you are going to score a better percentage in your 12th with the Science stream even without deciding whether to go for medical studies or non-medical education, you have the option of studying other fields like Law, Economics, Computer Science, etc.

Subject Combinations and Career Scopes of Science Stream in Class 11

Once you learn about your preferences and interests in the subjects you want to study further, there is no need to rethink how to get Science stream in Class 11. CBSE offers the main four Science subjects everywhere where you have to choose four subjects, with English being a mandatory subject and an optional subject per your requirement. Medical and non-medical branches differentiate the combinations of Science subjects by two subjects, Biology and Mathematics.

However, before the selection, some schools require a higher percentage of Class 10 Science subjects. Here is all you need to know about different subject combinations and the benefits of Science stream.

  • PCB (Medical)

Suppose you want to study medicine and go for the main caregiving sector of the economy by being a doctor or a nurse. In that case, this particular subject combination is just for you. This combination comprises three main subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

  • PCMB (Both the branches of Medical and Non-Medical)

In this particular stream, you can study mathematics, biology, physics, and chemistry together. Sometimes Class 11 may be too soon to decide whether to go for medical or non-medical branches. So, by choosing this particular subject combination, you get to explore more about the possibilities they offer as well as which way to proceed further after Class 12.

  • PCM (Non-Medical)

This particular combination is studying Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. As you are already cancelling biology in your subject combination, the branches of studying medicine still need to be added. Completing your 12th with this combination will help you to move forward with several departments of Engineering.

Higher Education in the World’s Top Institutions 

When you complete your 12th with subjects from the Science stream, you can pursue engineering from institutions like IITs, NITs, BITs, and medical Sciences from AIIMs, and MAMC. There are several options to pursue Bachelor's or Master's in Science and PhD degrees in a particular pure Science subject if you are not willing to pursue a doctor’s profession by pursuing MBBS.  You can also study branches of Science subjects like Microbiology, Zoology, and Botany after Class 12th with the Science group.

Make Decisions by Asking Yourself First

While deciding on what to do after Class 12 to build a successful life, you can always have the guidance of your parents, teachers, and other senior peers but the main focus should always be on yourself. Before you start thinking about why you chose Science in Class 11, ask yourself about your interests in the subjects you want to go further with.

It’s all about your passion and the life you want to build. Any kind of social or parental pressure cannot always give you a fruitful outcome. It’s very important to make a wise move while selecting the subjects.

FAQs on Exploring the Benefits of Science Stream in Class 11

1. What are the Science subjects offered in Class 11?

Four main subjects are available in the Science stream: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology.

2. Is Science the toughest stream in Class 11?

Once you know which direction to go, the idea of tough or easy becomes relative. You don't need to listen to other students' performances and ideas about the stream when you know your capabilities well.

3. How to get a Science stream in Class 11?

Class 10th result is important to get the subjects you want for Class 11 and 12. Still, choosing a particular stream entirely depends on the different eligibility criteria of the boards and the schools offering it. If you want Science as a stream, even though some schools demand a high percentage in your 10th, you can always look out for others that don’t.

4. What are the eligibility criteria for getting a Science stream in Class 11?

When you are all decided on which Science stream to go for, getting admission in any school will require just the pass marks in all the subjects of Class 10th.

5. How can Science subjects in Class 11 help me prepare for competitive exams?

Science subjects in Class 11 lay the groundwork for competitive exams such as JEE Main, NEET, AIIMS, BITSAT, and various state-level engineering and medical entrance exams. They provide the necessary conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills required to excel in these exams.

6. Can taking Science subjects in Class 11 lead to global opportunities?

Yes, pursuing Science subjects in Class 11 can open doors to global opportunities for higher education, research collaborations, internships, and employment. Possessing a strong scientific background enhances your competitiveness in the global job market and offers opportunities to study or work abroad.

7. What if I'm not sure about my career path after Class 11?

Even if you're undecided about your career path, taking Science subjects in Class 11 can provide a solid foundation that keeps your options open. The interdisciplinary nature of Science subjects allows you to explore various fields and specialties before making a final decision.

8. Are there any prerequisites for taking Science subjects in Class 11?

While there are no strict prerequisites, a strong interest and aptitude for Science, Mathematics, and analytical thinking are beneficial for success in Science subjects. It's also important to consider your long-term academic and career goals when making this decision.

9. How can I make the most out of studying Science subjects in Class 11?

To make the most out of studying Science subjects in Class 11, stay curious, actively engage in classroom discussions and practical experiments, seek guidance from teachers and mentors, and stay updated with developments in your field of interest through books, journals, and online resources.

10. Can I switch to a different stream if I find Science too challenging?

While it's possible to switch to a different stream if you find Science too challenging, it's advisable to give it your best effort and seek support from teachers and peers before making a decision. Remember, challenges are part of the learning process, and perseverance often leads to success in the long run.

11. What are the Benefits of Choosing Science Stream?

Benefits of Choosing Science Stream are as follows:

  • Providing students with a versatile and comprehensive education that opens doors to various academic and professional opportunities. 

  • Science subjects lay a strong foundation in STEM disciplines, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and analytical reasoning abilities essential for success in diverse fields such as medicine, engineering, research, and technology.

  • Additionally, opting for the Science stream prepares students for competitive exams like JEE Main, NEET, and AIIMS, paving the way for admission to top-tier universities and institutions.