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What are the Causes Behind Australian Bushfires?

By Shiwani PandeySeptember 14, 2022
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Australian Bushfire and Its Causes

Australia, the secluded island country with diverse flora and fauna is seldom in the news due to the outbreak of bushfires. This country has a lot of bushes, forests, parks, etc that get destroyed in this fire. It has been estimated that nearly 19 million hectares of pastures, forests, etc were destroyed. Australia suffered a huge loss of greenery, animal life, properties, etc.

This fire broke in 2019 and continued till the summer of 2020. The fire in the Queensland and New South Wales has been considered to be a natural occurrence but scientists and firefighters differ in opinion. They have realised that the intensity of the Australian bushfire is increasing over the years. Let us find out what bushfires are.

What are Bushfires?

A fire that breaks out in bushland and spreads faster into other areas due to dryness and winds is called a bushfire. It can be considered a type of wildfire that spreads rapidly in the bushlands, woodlands, scrublands, savannahs, and grasslands. This type of fire is very difficult to control it spreads really fast and in all possible directions.

The Australian Bushfire 2019-2020

One of the worst cases was recorded on the island of Australia. A catastrophic bushfire broke in Australia in 2019 and continued to burn till the summer of 2020. Even though the Aussies witness the outbreak of such fire every year, this one was quite devastating and caught the attention of the whole world.

As per the estimated loss, nearly 12.6 million hectares of grassland, bushland and forests were burned down. Almost 6.4 million hectares of the cityscape were destroyed. More than 3094 houses were destroyed in this fire. 33 people died in this devastating event. The government estimates that nearly 1.25 billion animals died due to the outbreak of this wildfire. It is also estimated that nearly 3 billion animals were affected by this fire.

Reasons Behind the Australian Bushfires

Bushfire in Australia

Causes of the Australian Bushfire 2019-20

As per the general causes, the dryness in the climate results in the formation and spreading of such wildfires in Australia. This year, the temperature was comparatively higher than the average resulting in more dryness in the bush lands. It means that the hotness and dry weather have contributed to the humongous size of this uncontrollable bushfire in Australia.

According to the civilians, a bushfire is common on the island. It happens almost every year. In fact, some bushfires are manmade and under control. This time, it has crossed all the records. More than 19 million hectares of the area were burned down.

This type of fire is triggered by natural causes. For instance, when lightning strikes on dry bushes and trees, they catch fire immediately. Due to the winds, the fire spreads easily to the other bushy plants and trees in the surrounding. Eventually, the Australia forest fire increases the temperature of the surrounding resulting in a prolonged action of the fire engulfing the bush lands closer to its grasp.

According to nature experts and scientists, the hot weather and high temperature add up to the effect of bushfires. One of the prime Australian bushfires causes is global warming. Droughts are becoming more frequent. Fires are spreading faster and uncontrollably. Damages can be seen as widespread.

Apart from the natural causes, manmade causes are also a reason that triggers bushfires. The arching of heavy tension electric lines, welding, and careless discarding of burning things such as cigarettes can trigger a bushfire in a dry area very fast. These are the general causes of wildfire we should know and have to be very careful about.

Impact of Bushfire on Australian Climate

The impact of the bushfires on the climate in Australia is massive. It has been estimated that nearly 400 megatons of carbon dioxide have evolved in the atmosphere. The air pollution level in Australia reached an alarming level causing a lot of breathing issues among civilians. It means the entire world will be impacted by the increasing temperature. It will also result in hotter summer seasons, draughts, and even bigger bushfires in the future.

The animal population has significantly reduced. The population of koala bears has been affected the most. Slow-moving animals have suffered the highest. The natural habitat of the animals is being restored so that their population can bounce back faster.

Measures Taken By Government to Control Bushfires in Australia

The Government of Australia has created a Bushfire Recovery Access Program. This program will provide immediate response to support the affected individuals, families, and even the emergency service professionals. The government has already spent more than Australian $2 billion to recover from the damage. It has caused a huge disruption in the economy of the country. The condition is under control but the government is still fighting fires in specific areas.

What Can We Do to Stop the Bushfire?

The government is restoring the land affected by the bushfire by planting trees. Bushlands and forests are capable of regenerating themselves but a helping hand will hasten the process. Reforestation activities include increasing the soil quality and preventing erosion.

We can also do our part from all over the world. We need to reduce carbon emissions by judiciously using electricity. We need to recycle more and reuse our resources. We also need to create more water bodies and plant more trees to absorb the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Planting more trees and creating water bodies will also help in creating more rain.

We also need to be ready for natural disasters that can annihilate life within a few months. The huge forest and bush lands took thousands of years to form but got destroyed in a year. So, we need to take care of our climate change so that we can reduce the devastating effects of bushfires.