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Maths Amazing Facts and Wonders Everyone Should Know

By Swagata SarkarJuly 29, 2022
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Some Amazing Maths Facts to Make Your Day!

Are you a big fan of Maths? Do numbers excite you? Then we suggest you cling on to this article because here we have provided some Maths amazing facts and wonders for you that can increase your knowledge on this subject. You can also help your children learn about these interesting facts about Maths. Who can say maybe he will find a whole new enthusiasm to learn Maths?

If you want to increase your child’s interest in this particular subject, you might not face many difficulties because the best part is that you do not need to make him solve some serious Maths problems to learn them. So, to help you and your kids, we have come up with some interesting, fun, and amazing facts about Maths that you may find very enlightening.

General Facts about Maths

Facts about Maths

Facts about Maths

It is as true as the Sun's existence that some people find Maths to be an extremely dull subject. Though no one has ever been able to say that Maths is useless, for some people, it is indeed a boring subject. So, here are some amazing facts about Maths that you may find alluring.

  • There is a 50% chance that two people have the same birthdays in a room of 23 people.

  • 1000 is the only number from 0 to 1000 that has “a” in it.

  • No one represents 0 in Roman numerals.

  • Among all the Shakespearean dramas, the word “Mathematics” only appears in the play called: “The Taming of the Shrew”.

  • The prime numbers 2 and 5 end in 2 or 5.

  • One of the interesting facts about Maths is that even though you take any shape with the same perimeter, a circle possesses the largest area.

  • The mathematical word “hundred” coins from “hundrath” which is an old Norse term.

  • Every odd number has an ‘e’.

Fun Facts about Maths

Interesting facts about Maths

Interesting facts about Maths

Here are some fun facts about Maths that you may find interesting:

  • The number 0.999999 is equal to 1.

  • You can use three cuts to a cake and get 8 pieces.

  • William Shanks, a renowned Mathematician, spent a large amount of his life calculating Mathematical constants, but he made a mistake on the 528th digit.

  • One of the fun facts about Maths is that the numbers on the opposite side of a dice always add to seven.

  • According to theory, you may start to witness thickness in the paper if you fold it more than 12 times. Folding a paper in half 103 times gets you the thickness of the observable universe.

7 Wonders of Maths

Following are the 7 wonders of Maths. Read on to know what they are: 

  • An icosagon has 20 sides.

  • The main source of calculators is Abacus.

  • A palindrome number is a number that reads the same forward and backward. For example, 34543.

  • Quadrillion, sextillion, quintillion, septillion, nonillion, octillion, decillion, and undecillion come after trillion.

  • Metatron’s cube is a Geometric shape made from 13 circles of a similar size.

  • An ancient Indian manuscript, Bakhshali, has 0 symbols believed to be the earliest 0 symbols.

  • People believe in the unlucky 13 because on the Last Supper Christ had 13 guests, with Iscariot being the 13th one. He betrayed Jesus and encouraged his crucifixion.

These are the 7 wonders of Maths that you might have never heard of before.

Interesting Facts about Mathematics in Daily Life

  • According to a recent online vote of 3000 people, nearly 10% chose seven over any other number. It makes the number 7 the favourite number of people. You may use it every day, so it is one of the interesting facts about Mathematics in daily life.

  • If anyone multiplies 111,111,111* 111, 111, 111, you get a palindromic number.

  • The shape of the sunflower follows the Fibonacci sequence. 

  • The fraction of Pi is 22 over 7, but its actual number is still unknown to everyone. The mystery of Pi is simply spooky. It makes the subject more interesting.

Some Snap Facts on Maths

  • One of the most interesting facts about Maths is that if you shuffle a pack of cards thoroughly, there is a high chance that no one has ever seen the exact sequence. 

  • A ‘jiffy’ is a unit of time which means 1/100th of a second.

  • 4 is associated with the word ‘death’ in Chinese and Japanese culture.

  • A circle has the shortest perimeter compared to any shape similar to it.

  • The result of (6 x 9) + (6 + 9) is 69. 

  • Before the invention of most mathematical symbols, people wrote equations in numbers.

  • We can spell ‘one’ in descending order.

  • According to Americans, ‘Mathematics’ refers to a singular noun, so ‘Maths’ should also be singular. So, Americans prefer calling it ‘Maths’ rather than ‘Mathematics’.

  • The two sentences, “twelve plus one” and “eleven plus two”, both have 13 letters.

  • -40 degrees Celsius is similar to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. 


If you keep looking at a Math problem, you might find it cruel and harsh. It may not look very interesting at times. But Math is not just a subject to solve addition and multiplication. It has solved the great mysteries of the world. It has helped to build the Globe and Telescope. We cannot deny its importance in our daily life. People fly with the help of Mathematics, Voyagers do their interstellar travel because of Math.

So, whether you look forward to solving a simple Maths problem or becoming a scientist, Maths has your back. All you need to do is to have the mind to enlarge your vision. A curious mind and love for Maths can solve the universe's greatest mysteries. Just study nature. Nature holds the biggest secret in Maths.

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