5 Ways You Can Celebrate Ugadi with Your Family

by Manasvi Gupta March 31, 2022

January 1 - the entire world celebrates the new year on this day, but do you know when Indians celebrate their new year? People from different Indian states have their names and traditions for the Hindu new year, which falls on different dates in April. 

People of Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh celebrate Ugadi as their New Year, which falls on April 2 this year according to the Hindu lunar calendar. Ugadi indicates the beginning of a new era. The auspicious Ugadi festival is full of fun, colours, delicious food, and merriment, making it one of the favourite festivals of kids!

Do you remember the special prasad made by your mother that was mouthwatering every single year? And the delicious finger-licking food on the first day of the year? Do you remember the excitement when the whole family came together to decorate the house with flowers and mango leaves!  And how can you forget the peaceful puja?

With the festive season in full swing and the advent of spring, there’s no reason why you should miss out on the fun of the Ugadi celebrations with your family and kids. Here are some fun ways and activities to make this Ugadi Subhakankshalu memorable for every member of the family, while keeping the sanctity of the festival intact!

5 Ways How to Celebrate Ugadi Together

1. Start Cleaning and Decoration

Get ready with brooms and dusters for the cleaning season is here! Swipe clean through all those hidden corners of the house and sort the items in those rarely-opened drawers before April 2. Step into the new year with a new-looking, sparkling clean house! This Ugadi, hand over the easy cleaning responsibilities to kids to make them feel an important part of the festivities.

Ask your kids to take out their unwanted stationery items, full or old notebooks, unwanted clothes and toys, and other expired products so that you can donate them to the underprivileged this new year. Take your kids with you to inculcate kindness in them. 

Now, when you have cleaned every inch of the house, waste no time decorating it by hanging strings of flowers, mango, banana, or coconut leaves and other sparkling items. Make sure your puja area and the house entrance are looking the most beautiful.

Distribute the work among all the family members and see how bonding over small things helps build strong relationships!

2. Enjoy Delicious Food Together

What’s a festival without some special homemade dishes? If you haven't gone out for a family outing in a long time, this Ugadi is your best chance; only this time you won’t be going out but bringing the restaurant home! Kids, it's time to wear your chef’s hats and help your parents prepare the special dishes for the entire family and even neighbours.

Traditional festive delicacies of different cultures are the highlight of Ugadi Subhakankshalu. Dishes like “Bobbatlu”, “Pulihora” are native to Andhra Pradesh, while raw mango is the main ingredient of almost all dishes typical to the Ugadi festival. 

In Karnataka, “Ugadi Pachchadi,” “Puliogure” and “Holige” dishes are commonly prepared on the festival day. 

Set all the dishes on the table at once and grab your seats alongside your favourite person this Ugadi to enjoy a feast that is full of laughter, the aroma of traditional food, gossip, and lots of fun! Reconnect with your old friends and neighbours this new year and let your taste buds flow!

3. Have A Rangoli-Making Competition

Friendly competitions help spice up the festivities, and there is no better competition on Ugadi than a fun rangoli-making competition. All members of the family can participate in the competition and the different creative rangoli designs will make your house stand out in your neighbourhood.

Family members can form groups, select a part of the house, and use their imagination to create beautiful rangoli designs. Your little ones can even invite their friends over. Amateur artists who find making a rangoli difficult can even use stencils. 

Click lots of pictures of colourful rangolis made of flowers, coloured rice or flour to cherish lovely moments spent with your family later.

4. Exchange Greeting Cards

In this era of technology, greeting cards are lost somewhere, and this Ugadi season it is time for you to revive the old method of exchanging greetings and feelings. 

Ask your little ones and their friends to grab all their stationery, coloured pens and crayons and allow their creative minds to create beautiful cards that will truly be treasured for a long time. Keep the theme related to the Ugadi festival. Even adults can make greeting cards this new year to make it truly feel “new”!

You can also play activities by exchanging greeting cards. Ask everyone to not write their names on the greeting cards, just the message. Keep them all in the box and anyone can take any card. Read out the message aloud and try to guess who it is from. Imagine how fun that would be!

5. Plant A Sapling 

Since Ugadi marks new beginnings, nothing is better than planting a new life, right? This spring season, on the auspicious festival of harvesting and sowing of new crops, take part in the festival of life by planting saplings or seeds.

Make kids the major part of this activity as it will help them understand the significance of the festival. If you have a yard, you can plant the saplings there, or you can even use pots. Else, you and your neighbours can carry out a community event of planting saplings or seeds in a common area. 


Rekindle old relationships and build new friendships this new year. Say yes to making new memories!

This Ugadi, don’t let your work or other problems get in the way of enjoying the auspicious beginning of a fresh year with those you cherish the most - your family. To make the most of special occasions while you can, refer to the above-given 5 activities if you are looking for new ideas on how to celebrate the Ugadi festival with kids this year.

So, Happy New Year! Or shall we say, Happy Ugadi Subhakankshalu!