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5 Effective Tips to Overcome & Focus on Studies

By Satabdi MazumdarDecember 02, 2022
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Exam fear is one of the common things to see in almost every student who is going to appear in the exams. Though it is not very unusual but can leave a negative impact on the overall performance of the students in exams. Difficulty in studying, fear of certain subjects, peer pressure, parents’ expectations, lack of confidence, and the inability to focus are some of the main reasons behind exam anxiety and depression in students. 

Many students experience exam fear throughout their academic life, be it in school or college, they always fear exams and as a result, suffer from unnecessary frustration, sleepless nights, and days filled with anxiety. But, fear of exams can be overcome. In this blog, we have compiled a few tips that will help you overcome exam fear and anxiety. Read the whole blog.

Exam Fear

Exam Fear

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What is Exam Phobia?

As the name suggests, exam phobia is simply the fear of examinations in students of all age groups these days. It might push them towards anxiety and depression in some cases. It is an unexplained and immense fear of a situation, which leads them to avoid it. It is important to cope with exam fear.

Causes of Exam Fear

Some of the most common causes of exam phobia include:

  • Fear of scoring poorly on tests

  • Fear of letting down parents’ and teachers’ hopes

  • Having no confidence 

  • Lack of knowledge in certain subjects that might be difficult 

  • Inability to focus or memorize while studying 

  • A negative state of mind

  • Comparing yourself with other students etc.

Symptoms of Exam Fear

Sweaty palms, fear, extreme nervousness, stomach pain, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, high BP, negative thoughts, anger, feelings like crying, panic attacks, and even exam fever are some of the most common symptoms of exam fear.

How to Overcome Exam Fear?

Exam fear often leads to poor academic performance which even increases anxiety. Education is important for students but not at the cost of stress and anxiety. During the exams, many students get exam anxiety and frustration due to fear of appearing in the exams. Though common fear and anxiety are normal, if it goes over the limit, it is dangerous for the student's as well as their parents' mental and physical health. So, here is how to overcome exam fear. Take a look:

1. Make a Time Table

Students often follow and compare themselves with other students or society’s typical standards, leading them to an inferiority complex and exam anxiety. But it is important to understand that every individual is different. So, you should follow your own timetable and study accordingly.

2. Create a Study Plan

Come up with a plan while preparing for the exams based on the subjects you need to focus on more and the subjects you are good at. Make use of flashcards, flow charts, graphs, and pictures while revising as it will help you reduce exam phobia, save time and help you with last-minute preparations.

3. Early Revision

Students should start their revision as soon as possible as many leave it for the last moment, leading to exam phobia. Starting revision at least three to four days before the date of the exam will help you clear concepts and doubts if any.

4. Proper Attention To Each Subject

To answer how to overcome exam fear in certain subjects, the most effective way is to give proper attention to each subject instead of mixing and studying all the subjects. If you focus on one subject at a time, it will enable you to complete the syllabus on time.

5. Make Short & Concise Notes

One of the most popular anxiety-reducing techniques is to write down important information, formulas, dates, people, incidents, or equations while studying or revising a chapter. This will be helpful for your final revision and before entering the exam hall.

Essential Tips To Follow 

If a student is going through exam fear, he/she cannot perform well in the exam as they aren’t in a state of focus. Here are a few tips that will help students to improve their concentration power. Take a look:

1. Proper Sleep is a Must

All the students are required to sleep a minimum of 8-9 hours to relax the body, and mind otherwise it can lead to a lack of focus, frustration and fatigue. Make a timetable and schedule your entire day accordingly.

2. Do Meditation

Meditation is one of the foremost tried and tested methods to reduce exam anxiety and stress. It has been proven that meditation helps lift the mood and reduce fatigue & stress levels by releasing good hormones. Additionally, it improves concentration, restores energy, & improves memory that efficiently improves studies, sports, and extracurricular activities. 

3. Don’t Forget To Take Breaks

Along with studying, taking sufficient breaks is essential as continuously studying for hours makes the mind tired and affects physical health also. Allocate enough break time in your schedule. Go for a walk, talk with friends, listen to some of your favourite music or do yoga. It will help you relax your body and mind.

4. Avoid Comparisons 

Many students often compare themselves with other students in study progress, level of preparation, grades or study hours etc. It needs to be avoided to reduce exam phobia as it can lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety. Instead, you should focus on your own preparation and utilize time well. 

5. Eat Healthy Food

It is common among students to neglect their physical health by not taking proper diet during exams. To cope with exam fear, some students resort to junk & packaged food or drinks. This can make them feel dizzy and sluggish. Instead, they should eat nutritious foods full of protein and good carbs such as eggs, dairy products, fruits, and green vegetables etc.

Also, see a professional counselor, if necessary. Discussing issues with mental health professionals can help you work through feelings, fears, and behaviors causing anxiety. 

Summing Up

Exam fear is not new and usually occurs due to a lack of preparation and low confidence in individuals but it can be overcome. Students with proper planning & strategy can reduce exam anxiety and shine in the exam while parents are supposed to support their children by understanding their emotional needs during the exam. Go through previous years’ question papers and maintain a positive attitude.

FAQs on 5 Effective Tips to Overcome & Focus on Studies

1. What causes exam fear?

Some of the main reasons behind exam fear include the inability to concentrate, and parental and teacher expectations. 

2. What is the term for exam anxiety?

Examinophobia is a term used for fear of exams.

3. What is fear of study called?

Sophophobia is the fear of learning or studying.