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25+ Summer Camp Crafts and Art Activities for Kids

By FathimaApril 20, 2024
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Summer is here, and it's that magical time of year when the days are a lot longer. What better way to utilize these long hours than immersing your children in arts and crafts activities that can channel their surplus energy and keep them occupied? 

25+ Summer Camp Crafts and Art Activities for Kids

Welcome to our sparkling roundup of 25+ summer camp crafts and art activities that offer a truce between fun and educational value. 

Dive in and watch your little ones blossom like never before!

summer camp crafts and art

25+ Summer Camp Crafts and Activities for Children

1. CD Wind Spinner

Just like you might have enjoyed watching objects catch and reflect sunlight in your own childhood, your kids are no different. 

Got old CDs lying around? Help them transform those into dazzling wind spinners with your kids. Teach them about recycling, all while adding a bit of sparkle to your garden or balcony.

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2. Pine Cone Roses

Take a nature walk with your kids and collect some pine cones. Back home, turn these into charming floral displays. Crafting pine cone roses is a wonderful way to explore creativity with natural materials and brighten up your home decor.

3. God's Eye Craft

Introduce your children to the nostalgic god's eye craft using just yarn and sticks. This develops their fine motor skills and patience, plus they end up with a colorful piece of art to show off!

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4. Twig Boat Craft

Encourage your kids to build their own twig boats. This simple construction project is perfect for imaginative play and can even lead to a fun race in a nearby stream or bathtub in those hot summer days. Or even, they can build and decorate sponge sailboats, then take them out for a test sail in a pool or tub.

5. Nature Impression Craft

Nature Impression Craft

Next time you’re out in nature, have your kids press leaves, flowers, or even interesting rocks into clay or plaster to make beautiful impressions. They’ll capture the beauty of nature and preserve it as a keepsake.

6. Rock Ladybug

Turn garden discoveries like small rocks into adorable ladybugs with a bit of paint. This craft adds a cute element to your garden or your child’s room.

7. Pine Cone Firefly

Pine Cone Firefly

Fireflies have captured the imagination of people of all ages for generations. Your kids can bring a little of that magic indoors with these homemade fireflies, creating a glowing, whimsical environment where they can dream and play.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how your kids can create these enchanting little bugs:

  • Bend the glow stick to activate the glow, and then place it inside the plastic easter egg for the firefly's glowing body

  • Cut the pipe cleaners into thirds. Use six pieces for the legs and two for the antennae

  • Glue a pair of googly eyes on the front end of the egg, above the antennae

  • Cut and attach wings with glue or tape

  • Use markers or stickers to add additional decorations or features to the firefly

Art Activities for Creative Expression

Why not make this summer a canvas for your kids’ artistic talents? Each of these craft summer camp activities offers a unique way to develop skills, express emotions, and, most importantly, have a ton of fun.

1. Summer Painted Rocks

Summer Painted Rocks

Grab some rocks and some paint, and let your kids go wild! 

  • Painting on these natural canvases encourages creativity

  • It can be a super fun way for them to showcase their personal style

2. Firework Salt Painting

Get ready for some colorful explosions! Firework salt painting is a sensory experience that explores texture and color with a festive theme. Perfect for celebrating summer nights, this activity will keep your kids mesmerized by the vibrant, sparkly results.

3. Painting on Foil

Ever tried painting on foil? It’s a unique twist on traditional painting, offering a shiny, sensory experience that kids absolutely love. The cool, smooth surface makes colors pop and shine, and the results are always worth displaying.

4. String Art

String Art

Dive into the world of string art with your kids.

  • Allow them to manipulate strings dipped in paint to create modern and abstract designs

  • This creative art is crucial for enhancing your child's fine motor skills and an artistic vision

5. Northern Lights

Merge science and art by recreating the mesmerizing northern lights. This night sky project not only educates children about one of nature’s wonders but also lets them recreate the magic of the northern lights right at home.

6. Watercolor Flower Painting

Watercolor Flower Painting

Delicate and beautiful, watercolor flower painting emphasizes technique and the gentle handling of brushes and colors. Your kids practice patience and attention to detail while creating lovely floral artworks.

Interactive and Sensory Activities

Ready to mix up your kid's playtime with some seriously fun and sensory-packed craft summer camp activities? Check out the following activities.

1. Freeze Dance Painting

It’s all about combining groovy moves with brush strokes to create vibrant, energetic artwork.  Crank up their favorite tunes and let them dance out their energy. When the music stops, they freeze and paint!

2. Scented Paint

Add a twist to regular painting with scents. Think vanilla, citrus, or lavender—imagine the fun as every brushstroke releases a delightful whiff! This brightens up their art as well as enhances their sensory experience

3. Shadow Art

Shadow Art

Got a sunny day on your hands? Grab some of your child’s favorite toys, a handful of leaves from the backyard, or even let them use their own hands for an intriguing shadow art. Here’s how you can turn ordinary objects into extraordinary art:

  • Set the Scene: Position the items on a piece of paper in a sunny spot where they cast distinct shadows

  • Capture the Silhouette: Encourage your little ones to trace the interesting outlines created by the shadows. It’s like drawing with a little guidance from the sun!

  • Bring it to Life: Once the outlines are set, hand over some colored pencils, markers, or paint, and watch as your kids fill these shapes with vibrant colors and patterns

4. Smush Painting

Smush painting is super simple, totally clean, and perfect for young artists. Here’s how your children can get started.

  • Squirt some colorful paint between two sheets of paper. You can let your kids choose their favorite colors to make it even more exciting

  • Encourage your little ones to press, smush, and move their hands over the covered paper. 

  • After they’ve finished smushing, carefully peel back the top sheet. The vibrant, symmetrical explosion of colors will surprise and delight them—and you!

This activity is fantastic for sensory play and helps develop motor skills, all while keeping cleanup to a minimum. 

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Educational and Thematic Projects

1. Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets

Remember the excitement of buying friendship bands on Friendship Day? It's a joy that can be celebrated any day! Your kids would love to share this experience with their friends.

  • Gather your child's gang for a fun crafting session that enhances fine motor skills

  • Weaving these colorful bracelets instills a sense of togetherness and friendship

  • Encourage them to create unique patterns and designs, making each bracelet a special token of friendship

2. Pom Pom Caterpillar

Turn learning into an engaging hands-on experience with the pom-pom caterpillar craft. Creating this fun project, your child can:

  • Learn the life cycle of butterflies in a visually appealing way

  • Be curious about nature

3. Starfish Texture Art

Using different materials, such as sandpaper, cotton balls, and fabric scraps, your child can create a textured starfish masterpiece. This activity introduces the concept of textures and encourages sensory exploration.

4. Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions

Have you ever marveled at the mesmerizing illusions in a mirror house, where corridors seem endless and shapes twist and turn? It's the fascinating world of optical illusion! Encourage your child to explore this through creative drawings. They'll learn how our eyes perceive depth and movement, sparking curiosity and critical thinking. 

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5. Bean Art Animals

Let your child's creativity bloom with bean art animals! By arranging colorful beans, they'll create stunning animal mosaics. This project boosts artistic skills and pattern recognition, enhancing cognitive development.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Crafts

Ready to hop onto some super fun and planet-friendly crafting with your kids? Here’s how you can get creative while being kind to our Earth. Roll up your sleeves and get crafty!

1. Recycled Material Binoculars

Your child can create homemade binoculars by following the below-listed steps. 

  • Start by gluing toilet paper rolls side by side to form binoculars' body

  • Decorate with colored paper or paint

  • Get creative with stickers or doodles to make it uniquely theirs!

  • Punch a hole on the outer side of each roll, tie a string through, and there they have it—a cool new pair of binoculars!

2. Bead & Pinecone Mobile

This hanging decoration combines natural elements like pinecones with colorful beads strung on strings or yarn. It involves assembling these items into a mobile that can be hung indoors or outdoors. Here’s how your children can make:


  • Tie strings around the top of each pinecone

  • Thread beads onto each string for some colorful flair

  • Find a nice, horizontal twig and tie beaded pine cones at varying lengths from it

3. Driftwood Rattle

Making a driftwood rattle is an ultimate craft for introducing a bit of music and nature into your child’s playtime. If you've picked up some driftwood during a beach outing, here’s how you can guide your children to transform it into a fun and natural musical instrument: 

  • Take the string and thread the bells or pebbles they’ve chosen

  • Gently place the threaded bells or pebbles inside the holes drilled in the driftwood

  • Ensure everything is secure and won’t fall out when shaken. Use a bit of glue if needed

  • Feel free to paint or varnish your driftwood for a personalized touch. Let it dry completely before the final step

4. Toilet Paper Roll Dragonfly

Find below the steps for your child to create one as part of our craft summer camp activities:

  • Paint the toilet paper roll any vibrant color you like—bright greens or blues are perfect

  • Once dry, fold the edges to create the dragonfly’s wings

  • Attach googly eyes and use pipe cleaners for antennae

  • Now find the perfect spot to hang their dragonfly or let it zoom around your garden

  • Mix recyclable materials for a unique sensory play material

  • Mix polystyrene beads with school glue in a bowl. Add a splash of food coloring for some pop!

  • In a separate container, dissolve a pinch of Borax in warm water

  • Slowly add the Borax solution to your bead mixture until it reaches a nice, moldable consistency

  • Shape anything you imagine with the homemade floam

These eco-friendly magic craft summer camp activities for your kids dictates the value of reusing and recycling!


Setting up a creative nook at home for those messy, fun-filled craft summer camp activities for your children becomes a must. Ensure this space is safe and suitable for all age groups, blending education seamlessly into each glittery, gluey project. Remember, the goal is to inspire creativity, not to overwhelm kids. Let each art project be a highlight of their day, giving them a chance to grow.

Why not give a summer brimming with creativity? Continue to chat with Vedantu today to ensure a bright and promising future for your little ones.