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Last 20 days Preparation Guide For IGKO-2021

By Vineet DwivediOctober 21, 2021
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Frankly speaking, if you are keeping yourself updated with the subject of general awareness and current affairs then you are going to secure 60% marks weightage in the IGKO-2021. As we know IGKO is conducted every year for classes 1 to 10. Facts say that SOF spent 18 crores on various awards and gifts in 2018-19. This year also SOF is going to felicitate the best schools and students. If you are a newspaper geek then believe the fact that you are gonna face the question paper fiercely. 

In IGKO-2021 topics from science, social science, and other common subjects from the academic syllabus will be asked. Here in this piece, we are going to cover a step-by-step guide for your last 20 days of preparation plan.

What You Know & What You Don’t!

The world general awareness is very vast in itself.  On the other hand, preparing for the world-level exam is a next-level mission. The biggest challenge of IGKO-2021 is its syllabus because it is dynamic, you need to be aware like an eagle of each and every update about this rotating big ball (World). Hence, experts say that you need to identify the topics that you need to be studied or to leave. Now the question is which topic needs to be covered and which not!

So here you go with our list of a few topics that are very important for class 1 to 10 IGKO-2021 aspirants. 

  • Plants and animals

  • Science and technology

  • India and the World

  • Language and literature

  • Sports

  • Life skills

  • Current affairs

Besides this, don’t forget to cover your academic syllabus that might help you to extract the other 20% of the exam. 

Are You a Time-Table Following Person?

If not then don’t be boastful about it, you immediately need one. Not to nag you mentally but to set the priority on the basis of precious and can’t be recovered subject Time. Start with calculating the syllabus and the weightage of each section, 

We are not saying you to study whole, just keep 3-4 hours/day with your regular studies and follow the following given timetable accordingly.


Marks for class 5 to 10


Current Affairs

20 & 30

1 hour

General awareness

5 &10

80 minutes to 1 hour

Life skills


40 minutes to 1 hour

In the end, the achiever’s section will be knocking your head because it is the hardest one. Students need to prepare for this section separately with a mentor who can teach you non-routine methods to memorize the events, places, and dates. Reading the general knowledge magazines, books and most importantly newspaper will help you the most. 

Stick to the Notes and Charts

While studying for IGKO-2021, don’t forget to make notes and important points. Daily points and their revision before grabbing the new topics will help you to revive your prior gained knowledge. 30 minutes of revision sounds great for each section of the exam. Also, these notes will help you to cover your lengthy syllabus on time. Moreover, if any chapter or topic haunts after revising it so many times then you can try pasting out the sticky notes and making a visual craft near your study table or bedroom so that all day you can see it and understand it till the rock bottom of your thinking machine or also known as the brain. Yes! This trick helps a lot. 

Did You Read Out SOF Prescribed Books?

The smartest way to beat any exam is students should follow SOF prescribed for IGKO 2021 exam. SOF has already prescribed around 5 books for each class. These books can be downloaded from the SOF’s official website and one can also order the hard copy. Also, don’t forget to refer to NCERT books to prepare literature, science and social science. Solve the back exercise problems to learn the taste of questions that are usually asked in the exam. 

The students should be aware of various national schemes, new policies, new amendments, achievements in sports, economics, civics, etc. Therefore, each aspirant is advised to read newspapers and current affairs books. You can subscribe to weekly gadgets, and newsletters to get updated on the latest news & information. 

Mock Test & Sample Papers

Welcome to the most important exam cracking strategy pointer for IGKO-2021. And congratulation if you are already solving mock tests, sample papers, and previous year question papers on your own. Solving on a mock test in a day increases your problem-solving ability by 3 times.  Be it an IGKO or any other national & international level olympiad. Every success story always has mentioned mock tests as its precious asset in exam preparation. Solving Mock tests and sample papers let you know about exam pattern, marking scheme, questions type,  section analysis, the idea of the syllabus, important topics and much more. 

Most importantly, when you’ll be given the real IGKO-2021, you will be familiar with it besides being terrified.

Bottom line

At last, students should be calm and relaxed before going for IGKO-2021. Panic minds never let you give your 100%. As we know IGKO required greater knowledge with sharp memorization, so take a break of at least one day before the exam, so that you won’t get confused between dates and events.

Best of Luck!