10 Things a student should avoid during coronavirus crisis

by Sagar, March 24, 2020

The entire world is in an uncertain abyss because of the new coronavirus outbreak. As per the current update, over 267,013 cases have been reported from over 184 regions in the world. What is more worrisome is that medical experts are yet to find an effective coronavirus treatment. However, public health care organisations like the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend self-quarantine to control the spread of the new coronavirus disease. 

Other than those, there are several things that individuals, including students, can do for the novel coronavirus prevention. To begin with, they should find the practices that come in handy for containing the spread of the virus and also helps protect against the effect of it.

Wondering how to ensure coronavirus prevention? Read along to find out more about it. 

10 Things to avoid Coronavirus Infection

Here is a list of 10 things that you should avoid during COVID-19 crisis to ensure safety against the coronavirus infection

  1. Do not visit crowded places.

  2. Stop going to public places when sick.

  3. Do not come in contact with the elderly and children.

  4. Avoid home tuition and coaching classes.

  5. Do not hang out with friends.

  6. Stop harbouring irrational fear.

  7. Do not ignore personal hygiene.

  8. Avoid touching face, mouth, eyes and nose.

  9. Avoid unhealthy dietary pattern.

  10. Do not spread rumours.

Make it a point to follow a safe and productive regime during these times of crisis due to the coronavirus infection. Similarly, find out what health experts are suggesting to combat the impact of COVID-19.

10 Things to do during this pandemic

At a critical time like this, prevention is the only cure for coronavirus disease. To contain the spread of coronavirus infection and to stay protected against it, you should try your best to follow these 10 things -

  1. Self-quarantine

As per the new coronavirus update, the virus spreads when one comes in close contact with an infected person’s respiratory droplets. By avoiding crowded places like shopping malls, parks, public transportation, etc. you would lower the risk of exposure to a great extent. Similarly, avoid hanging out with your friends during the quarantine period. 

Make the most of the social distancing period by engaging in productive activities like reading books, continuing your lessons, developing self-sufficiency skills, etc. So use this time apart to bond with your family members and strengthen your familial ties.  

  1. Self-isolate when sick

In case, you feel a bit under the weather and are manifesting the new coronavirus symptoms make it a point to practice self-isolation. Try your best to avoid contact with your family members, especially older people and children, as they are more susceptible to the new coronavirus. 

Also, make sure to put on a mask if you are suffering from cough and cold with mild fever to prevent the spread of the same. Similarly, avoid entertaining friends and guests during this crucial time to protect them and yourself from being affected with the coronavirus infection. 

  1. Maintain hygiene

Prioritise proper respiratory hygiene. It is highly recommended that you wash your hands frequently with soap and water throughout the day. Also, keep a sanitizer with an alcohol concentration of a minimum of 60% in handy. Make sure to use it as and when required to eliminate the risk of corona infection. Notably, washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is believed to be more effective in eliminating the virus.

  1. Get tested

In case your flu-like symptoms persist for a significant time or tend to worsen, seek medical attention immediately. Only medical test conducted by healthcare experts would enable you to avail proper medical suggestion and required treatment. Additionally, do not forget to follow the advice offered by them to ensure a speedy recovery and to lower the risk of passing on the new coronavirus infection. 

  1. Switch to online learning

Do not risk the exposure by continuing home tuitions or going to coaching classes. Switch to online classes to experience uninterrupted quality learning directly from experienced teachers. Get enrolled at our online learning classes and access free PDF of latest study solutions and notes to improve your knowledge on different subjects. 

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  1. Avoid close contact

Typically, the new coronavirus symptoms include cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue and difficulty in breathing. Maintain a safe distance from those who manifest these signs or are coughing and sneezing. If someone in your family is sick, avoid coming in close contact with them and help them to practice effective self-isolation. Also, make it a point to wear a mask at home in such a condition and encourage other family members to do the same.

  1. Cope with anxiety

Besides physical repercussions, the new coronavirus outbreak has other implications as well. For instance, being confined at home during the pandemic may lead to mental distress and become a cause of anxiety and panic. In such a situation, you must maintain a calm composure and try to relax your mind. Try meditation, deep breathing exercises and listening to calming music to cope with your growing anxiety.  

  1. Practice disinfecting 

Did you know the new coronavirus can sustain on surfaces?  The New England Journal of Medicine Help states that new coronavirus can remain stable up to hours in aerosols and 4 hours on copper. Similarly, in the case of plastics and stainless steel, the duration goes up to 2-3 days, whereas it remains stable on cardboard surfaces for at least 24 hours. 

As stated by medical experts, touching contaminated surfaces can transmit the virus of COVID-19. So, help your parents to disinfect most touched and frequented surfaces of your home and create a haven for self-quarantine. 

  1. Follow a healthy diet to boost immunity 

It is said that around 80% of patients recover from COVID-19 without the need for any special treatment. However, those with weak immunity or pre-existing medical conditions are more susceptible to the new coronavirus infection. 

Hence, try to boost your immunity by following a healthy dietary pattern. It will directly enable your body to fight against the virus and help you recover faster. Also, do not share food with other people. Additionally, ensure that you have a regular sleep pattern to keep both your body and your mind relaxed throughout the quarantine period. 

  1. Get informed

Half-baked knowledge is dangerous. Instead of believing everything that is doing rounds on the internet, gain information from reliable health sources. Similarly, do not encourage fake rumours or sharing unverified information with your friends. If you find people circulating fake rumours, ask them to stop it and share accurate information with them to educate them on the matter. 

Bonus: Parents with young children, make sure to limit their kid’s exposure to media and other platforms that is providing graphic information on coronavirus disease. Such exposure can become a cause of panic and anxiety among young minds and give rise to irrational fears. 

By following these 10 things, students can protect themselves against the physical impact of new coronavirus disease successfully. However, to combat the mental impact of the virus, you should engage your mind in some productive activities like continuing your daily lessons. 

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10 Things a student should avoid during coronavirus crisis