Bihar Board (BSEB) Last 5 Previous Year Question Papers for Class 10 Social Science

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Bihar Board (BSEB) Last 5 Previous Year Question Papers for Class 10 Social Science with Solutions - Free PDF Download

The Bihar board, BSEB has been conducting their both Secondary and Higher Secondary examination over the past years in the state of Bihar. No doubt a renowned board with the pattern of setting standard papers that would help the students of the state to be a virtue of good education. The board has been setting the similar question pattern for years now. 

In this discussion we will counsel about the past year question papers set by the board. We further will discuss the benefits of incorporating the past year question paper study in a student’s study routine.   

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. From where you can download the previous year question papers to suit your study?

Ans. The previous year question papers can be downloaded from our portal itself for free. Students appearing for class 10 exams need to know the pattern set by their board hence these previous year question papers given access to.  Like here, we provide the previous 5-year question papers of BSEB board on the subject Social Science.

2. How can a student score good marks in history?

Ans. Marks in history can be secured by these four important to-dos:

  1. Note down the important dates with the related events

  2. Frame your representable answers, answers should only not be correct but good too.

  3. Revise the chapters regularly.

  4. Check with the past year question papers.

3. Can the exact same questions from the previous year papers be expected in the upcoming exams?

Ans. Yes definitely, even the exact questions can be expected from the previous year papers. To the least, similar kinds of questions will come up. Hence, students are suggested to go through the previous year question paper, which will help them to find common questions, which will make them prepared beforehand and eventually score good marks.

4. Can I use the previous year question papers for revising?

Ans. Yes, previous year question papers can be used in the revising schedule too. 

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